Following the ‘success story’ of the inaugural ‘Success Stories From Canadian Forests’ magazine, which saw tens of thousands of copies shared throughout Canada, we are proud to release this second installation. These stories of innovative thinking and peer-to-peer collaboration are brought to you through the collaborative efforts of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, FPInnovations, and many other partners and contributors. Its purpose is to once again highlight just a few of the many accomplishments that Canadian forest practitioners have achieved in recent years.

Through the application and implementation of better science and new technology, many members across Canada are involved in important work that is improving both forestry and
society. These achievements are not often shared, and as a result they do not receive the appropriate attention to acknowledge this great work. It is for this reason that we have taken the
opportunity to highlight a number of forestry success stories.

We hope that you enjoy reading these short accounts of real successes! We encourage you to share these stories with others and to take pride in the wonderful work that Canadian forest
practitioners continue to achieve!

Click here to check out Success Stories From Canadian Forests (Volume 2 – 2016).