Conference Posters

Angelo Filicetti and Scott E. Neilsen Can fire be a tool for forest recovery on seismic lines
Corey Feduck Object Based CART Analysis for Feature Extraction of Coniferous Seedlings from High Resolution True Colour and Near Infrared Unmanned Aerial Wehicle Imagery
James Badger, Kan Luo, Sara Saeedi, and Steve Liang Assisting Data Visualization and Discovery
Jennifer N. Hird, Alessandro Montaghi, and Greg McDermid, Tobias Tan, Jahan Kariyeva, Scott Nielsen, Brian Moorman, and Ann McIntosh Comparing field- and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle derived vegetation metrics
Jocelyn Gregoire, and Dr. Erin Bayne Songbird response to recovering seismic lines and the influence of scale
Kan Luo,James Badger,Sara Saeedi, Steve Liang An OGC Open Standard-based Internet of Things Prototype of Vegetation Recovery Monitoring in Northern Alberta
Man Fai Wu, Jennifer Hird, Greg McDermid Developing a semi-automated Remote Sensing Protocol On Seismic Line Reclamation Monitoring
Sara Saeedi, KanLuo, James Badger, Steve Liang Using OGC SensorThings for Boreal Environmental Monitoring
Sarah Cole, Greg McDermid, Jerome Cranston, Mike Palmer, and Jesse Tigner, Mryka Hall-Beyer A Workflow for the Semi-Automated Detection and Attribution of Linear Features in a Forested Environment
Scott Wilson, Dr. Erin Bayne Bird Use Of Reclaimed Well Sites In The Boreal Forest Of Alberta
Shijuan Chen, Greg McDermid, Guillermo Castilla, Julia Linke, Jennifer Hird, Corey Feduck Characterizing Vegetation Structure on Seismic Lines Using UAV Point Clouds
Steven Franklin, Oumer Ahmed, Griffin Williams, Rachel Wasson, and Michael Stefanuk Airborne Multispectral Sensor Data and Object-based Image Analysis for Improved Forest Classification
Steven Franklin, Oumer Ahmed, Rachel Wasson, Michael Stefanuk, Erik Skeries, and Griffin Williams Satellite remote sensing of boreal forest and wetland vegetation cover and change
Tobias W.H. Tan, and Scott E. Nielsen Case studies in the use of UAVs to study ecological questions in the in situ oil sands region of Alberta