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June - The June Blog

Hello readers, welcome to my blog!

It seems that the first month of my Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award internship has come and gone, meaning it’s already time for my first monthly blog post.  As such, I’ve decided to use this space to briefly introduce myself, and to give a bit of background information related to my internship, before briefly describing some of the work-related activities that have kept me occupied throughout the previous month.

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July Update - South West Peninsula

Things continue to go well for me here in the South West Peninsula.  My work with both PRS and Euroforest has sent me travelling to forests throughout southern England, from Cornwall to Sussex.  Minor mechanical issues aside (I’ve briefly swapped the Mitsubishi 4x4 for a Skoda sedan), this month’s explorations have provided me with lots of opportunities to learn more about the profession of forestry in a British context.

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August Update - End of Summer in Devon

Sadly, the end of my summer in Devon has arrived.  My time since returning to Canada has been occupied by a hectic-yet-educational couple of weeks spent tree-marking in Huntsville and CIF conference-attending in Grande Prairie.  Now that I’ve settled down in my Toronto apartment, I’ve finally found the time write up an August post for my Prince of Wales internship blog.  For this final entry, I’ve decided to put together a series of loosely connected anecdotes and experiences that will hopefully fill in some gaps and give readers a more complete picture of my summer experience.

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