2018 In-Conference Tours



Taking place September 20, 2018. Find more details on the In-Conference Tours below!

Taking place on September 20th, these tours will explore the Peace Region area and relate back to the four Conference theme pillars: Site Restoration, Wildlife, Community, and Land and Forest Management Planning. The buses will depart from Grande Prairie in the morning and arrive back in Grande Prairie in the afternoon.

One In-Conference Tour option is included in a Full Conference Registration or a Companion Social Pass.

Lunch is provided for each tour.


Tour 1: Land-use Innovation & Sustainability

Visit the Evergreen Learning and Innovation Centre!

Using 22 acres of forested terrain within Evergreen Park (County of Grande Prairie) just outside the City of Grande Prairie, the Evergreen Centre empowers stakeholders toward responsible resource development and to build a shared vision toward a sustainable future.

  • This site has many innovative land-use strategies to reduce site impacts and work toward sustainability. Examples of innovative crossing structures, oil and gas exploration technologies, reclamation and wetland site restoration.
  • This site also has a lot of pine that have been impacted by Mountain Pine Beetle. Fire Smart work/MPB salvage/rural-urban interface has been ongoing (i.e. what were the goals of the salvage operation and did they reach the goals?)

Departure time from Pomeroy Hotel: 9:00am

Arrival time back at Pomeroy Hotel: 4:00pm

Tour 2: Historic Dunvegan Provincial Park

Visit the Historic Dunvegan Provincial Park!

  • Fort Dunvegan is located in the spectacular Peace River Valley in northwestern Alberta, about an hour north of Grande Prairie. Established in 1805 by the North West Company as a result of recomendation by Alexander Mackenzie after seeing the site on his trip to the Pacific Ocean in 1793. Active fur trade and supply post until the early 1900s. Site currently contains Roman Catholic Mission buildings and the reconstructed trading post which was an HBC post after 1821.
  • Historic Dunvegan is a provincially and nationally designated historic resource. Experience history through 4 original, authentically restored and furnished buildings and the stories of Indigenous, fur trade, and mission life.
  • A tour guide/historic interpreter will be present and, weather permitting, a bannock bake over an open fire for lunch.

Departure time from Pomeroy Hotel: 8:30am

Arrival time back at Pomeroy Hotel: 4:00pm

Tour 3: Tree Improvement, Regeneration Standards, and Projecting Mean Annual Increment

Visit tree improvement sites!

  • Site 1: Deciduous Tree Improvement - visit an aspen research site including improved aspen and climate adaptation
  • Site 2: Coniferous Tree Improvement - visit a well established conifer tree improvement site
  • Site 3: Experience a Regeneration Standards of Alberta demo in a recent block, while linking Tree Improvement gains to mean annual increment (MAI) and timber supply area (TSA)

Departure time from Pomeroy Hotel: 8:00am

Arrival time back at Pomeroy Hotel: 4:00pm

Tour 4: Dinosaur Museum and Bonebeds

Visit the Dinosaur Museum and Bonebeds!

  • Visit the Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum including dinosaur exhibits, oil and gas exhibits, and more!
  • Also visit the nearby Pipestone Creek bonebed where you can learn about the amazing discovery that cemented the Peace Region as a vital dinosaur destination and then explore the area yourself.

Departure time from Pomeroy Hotel: 8:30am

Arrival time back at Pomeroy Hotel: 4:00pm

*Itineraries subject to change

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