2020 Student Quiz Bowl

CIF-IFC Virtual Student Quiz Bowl

The Quiz Bowl is a fun and friendly academic competition, challenging the participants’ (and audience’s!) forestry knowledge. This event will be taking place on the evening of September 16th in a online/virtual format as part of the 2020 National Conference and 112th Annual General Meeting.

There is still time to register your school, if not done so already! The deadline to enter a team for the CIF-IFC 2020 Student Quiz Bowl has been extended to September 13, 2020.

Registering Your Team

  • This event is open to all students from Silver Ring school programs who have registered for the conference.
  • Students can register for the conference here. All Quiz Bowl participants may purchase the CIF-IFC Student Member ticket regardless of membership status. Unfortunately, Quiz Bowl bursaries are not available this year as travel to/from the Conference is not required.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams that can register per school.
  • Each team will consist of 4 competitors plus an alternate. If a school is unable to find enough students to form a full team, blended inter‐school teams may be permitted. Please contact Steph Robinson (srobinson@cif-ifc.org) if you need support forming a blended team.
  • It is expected that each student will play remotely, respecting the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions put in place by their local Public Health Authorities.
  • This competition is for undergraduate/college students only.
  • The Quiz Bowl will be provided in English.

Format of the Quiz Bowl

  • Competition bracket structure will be determined based on the number of teams that register.
  • The questions will be multiple choice and timed - in a trivia game format. Each player on the team will answer every question. Scores will be tallied per person and per team.
  • Participants will require at least one device connected to a reliable wifi/cellular network to read and answer the questions (i.e. smart phone). A second optional device is recommended to watch the live stream and view the game play (i.e. laptop/computer).
  • The event will be live streamed for the conference audience. A moderator will read the questions and provide game updates. Each team captain is invited to join the live stream via web cam to engage in spirited banter; however, this will be optional. The rest of the team will not be on camera.
  • At the end of the Quiz Bowl the team with the highest score wins. A top player will also be crowned.