2021 Virtual Event Portal

CIF-IFC is Going Virtual! October 5-7, 2021

Join us as we host the 2021 National Conference & 113th AGM virtually through a digital yet fully interactive platform!

For the second time in CIF-IFC’s history, the National Conference and AGM will, once again, be hosted completely online in a virtual format.

The Institute's upcoming virtual Conference and AGM go far beyond streaming webinars.  As with previous in-person Conferences, this year's event will enable open dialogue and discussion, knowledge exchange, networking opportunities - through various social events, and exhibitor interaction.

The Conference virtual event portal provides delegates with an authentic Conference experience. Through one platform, delegates will be able to:

Attend and participate in Conference sessions utilizing real-time chat, questions, polls and presence detection.

Enjoy the ultimate networking social experience as advanced technologies facilitate real-time, face-to-face, serendipitous interactions.

Engage with exhibitors through live private and group chats and video calls.

Check out some more perks of attending the virtual Conference...


Conference delegates will have the opportunity to find hidden codes sprinkled throughout the Conference experience, which can be collected and redeemed for prizes.

Codes can be found throughout the conference’s virtual event portal and outside the portal in places such as social media channels and websites.

Delegates will be awarded codes by completing tasks that include attending sessions and speaking with exhibitors - to name a few!

Here is a code to get you started: CIFWEB. Remember - you can only redeem codes in the virtual event portal so register today by clicking here to get started.

Let the games begin!

Virtual Networking - next level

Real-Time - Delegates can connect with each other at any time through an always-on private chat widget and a browser-based push notification system.

Context-Aware- In the virtual event portal, delegates always know who else is in the same location as them, in real-time, as a result of a presence monitoring feature. Whether in a lobby, a session, at a booth, or in a group, delegates can always immediately see who is there with them at any given moment. Connect with delegates who have similar interests - the equivalent of bumping into someone in the hallway at a venue.

Face-to-Face - Connect face-to-face, even if you are remote. The virtual event portal has a seamless built-in meet system that allows for unlimited one-on-one and group audio/video/screen share calls.  Delegates are encouraged to do things like turn on videos, share screens, and just connect in a more human way.



The Virtual Event Portal Opens October 4!

We look forward to connecting with you virtually October 5-7, 2021

Registration is now open - #2021CIF! 

Curious to see how it all works? Tutorial videos and tours coming soon. Stay tuned!