Access a wide range of presentations from conferences, workshops and national meetings delivered by leading experts in the realm of Enhanced Forest Inventory in Canada.

Enhanced Forest Inventory Activities at the Petawawa Research Forest - Murray Woods and Peter Arbour

An update on some of the work being conducted at the Petawawa Research Forest (PRF) in Central Ontario.

Woods_Ont_R&D - PRF activities

Opportunities for Research at the PRF - Building on "State of the Art" Inventories
Remote Sensing Tools and Approaches to eFI - A National Snapshot - Saskatchewan version

An overview of work being conducted in eFI on a National level. Developed and presented to a group in Saskatchewan.


Mapping model of wood quality characteristics of black spruce in Northern Ontario.
Enhanced Forest Inventory - Western Canada Update - February 2018
Development of Methods and applications of Enhanced Forest Inventory in Newfoundland

Presented by Olivier R. van Lier of the CWFC.


Predictive Substrate Modeling Meeting - Efforts in Ontario