eFI Products

This page contains examples of products, including maps and point clouds, that can be generated and produced from enhanced forest inventory data and technologies. The majority of the products displayed are generated from LiDAR scanning, both Airborne and Terrestrial based, and the information obtained is processed with software to display accurate and detailed information on forest land.

Vegetation structure

The images shown illustrate the density and composition of a forested area at varying map scales. Additionally, the eFI technology can also map the forest by the dominant tree species. This is referred to as "Vegetation Profile".

Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

Digital Terrain Models, or DTMs, are accurate and detailed maps of the Earth's surface. LiDAR and eFI technology can be used to acquire data and produce DTMs. Airborne LiDAR technologies can be used to scan a large area and returns from emitted laser pulses can be recorded to map the ground level. DTMs can provide forest managers with useful and important information such as slope and hydrology, which can assist in planning of forestry operations and road construction.

Examples of DTMs are shown below.