The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF/IFC) members across 18 national sections work in various levels of government, multiple industry sectors, and academia; and include foresters, technicians, biologists, ecologists, researchers, scientists and educators, all with interest and passion in forests and the complex ecosystems that they encompass. Through membership and partnerships (i.e. registered professional foresters and forest and natural resource technicians and technologists), the Institute networks some 10,000 interdisciplinary forest practitioners and professionals, as well as a significant contingent of the environmentally conscious public.

The Institute’s new national tree-roots network Science-Extension-Education-Knowledge (CIF-SEEK) takes advantage of these existing strengths as a well-established, well-connected, balanced and constructive non-profit association that can instigate and facilitate forest science and research projects with an array of partners, and successfully lead the practical application of their outputs and results at local, regional and national scales. The Institute has a significant advantage in promoting the uptake of science to forest and integrated land and resource managers, and can coordinate and formalize this activity through effective use of its pervasive membership network and existing partnerships. This in turn will lead to growth and diversity in both membership and partnerships.

To learn more about CIF-SEEK and to find resources related to CIF-SEEK projects, please visit the website.