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Theri’s Blog

The last month of my placement was a whirlwind, just like myself, apparently. Realizing that I’ve been through more than half of the three month period and getting closer to starting the semester, I felt the need to take in as much as I could. fig. 1. Last day of my placement we went to […]

Reggie’s Blog

August has been another great month here in the UK. I am afraid that my Canadian accent has picked-up some new British flavours, because my vocabulary certainly has… Now that I am on my way back to Canada this adventure seems to have passed by too quickly. This month has been jam packed with lots […]

Reggie’s Blog

My second month in Norwich has been just as exciting as the last, though, I was disappointed to miss Canada’s 150th celebration. However, the Canadian spirit was felt from here in Norwich. Since my arrival I have settled into a routine and have become used to the British customs. Black pudding and beans with breakfast […]

Theri’s Blog

The second month was a time when I became comfortable enough to not use my GPS as much when driving to sites. I also realized that the UK is a beautiful place and because I haven’t made time to explore a lot of it this summer, I need to come back. As my placement reached […]

James’ Blog

Two months in and the first blog. Apologies but Canada is very inspiring and the laptop is less so! Algonquin Park is big. So big that it would cover most of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and my home county Suffolk (Figure 1) if only we could commandeer it from the Canadians. The park is 763,555 ha which […]

Dan’s Blog

Welcome to the Jungle! I landed in Port Hardy, north Vancouver Island on Wednesday 14th June. Dave Johnes; a former Prince of Wales award winner and fellow University of Cumbria graduate, was there to pick me up and take me to Strategic’s head office in Port McNeill. I started work the next day. So, I’ve […]

Theri’s Blog

     The five months between when I found out and the start of my internship went by really quickly – still in study mode, and field course mode, I barely had any time to prepare. My visa and driver’s license situation were sorted out already due to the special nature of my heritage. So […]

Reggie’s Blog

     I have finally completed my first month of the work-exchange at AT Coombes Associates in Norwich UK, which was provided generously through the Prince of Wales Leadership Award. Even though there were many steps to get to this part of this exchange, everything went relatively smoothly. My application for a UK visa was […]

Appel à manifestation d’intérêt – Deuxième vice-président de l’IFC-CIF

L’Institut forestier du Canada/Canadian Institute of Forestry (IFC-CIF) cherche actuellement à l’échelle nationale à combler le poste de deuxième vice-président de son bureau de direction nationale. L’Institut est à la recherche de membres ayant envers l’Institut une solide vision à long terme, une orientation stratégique élaborée et un engagement soutenu. Deuxième vice-président de l’IFC-CIF – […]

Call for Expressions of Interest: Second Vice President of the CIF-IFC

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC) is conducting a National search to fill the position of Second Vice President on the National Executive. The Institute is looking to solicit members with a strong long-term vision, strategic direction and dedication to the Institute. CIF-IFC Second Vice President – Call for Expressions of Interest: […]

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