Ontario Tree Marker Program – french

The Tree Marker Training Program teaches the wise use of silvicultural systems used to sustain and enhance forest ecosystems that existing and future forest industry depends on. Tree marking is a mechanism to regulate the management systems that involve partial cutting, that is, those operations in which a residual stand remains for some time after treatment. Quality control is obtained by marking the trees that are to be removed or those to be left. The logging operators are responsible only for removing the designated trees with due care for the site and vegetation to be left; the tree marker bears a high proportion of the responsibility for the planning of the logging and the future stand’s health, vigour and ability to meet the needs of other forest values. For these reasons, tree markers need to be highly trained in all aspects of forest ecological and silvicultural systems management.

Level 1 Course This course is mandatory for all tree markers on Crown land in Ontario. Experience with forestry terminology, tools, species and silvicultural operations would be an asset. This course is a prerequisite for the Tree Mark Auditor Course.
Level II Course This course is designed for individuals who want to increase their awareness of forest ecology and forest management practices used in Ontario.
Refresher Course Refresher courses are mandatory every 5 years for certified tree markers to maintain active status. You may, however, take a refresher anytime prior to the 5-year expiry date.

For more information and to register, please see the Ontario Tree Marker Program website.