Finn Frost Award

In 1965 the Newfoundland Section of the CIF/IFC introduced an award in memory of Finn Frost, former Chief Forester for the Province of Newfoundland. Mr. Frost was instrumental in establishing the Pre-forestry program at Memorial University and was one of its earliest teachers. The award is presented to a student during his/her first semester at U.N.B. following completion of any two year forestry program in at Memorial University.

Roll of Award Winners

Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient
1965 Jeff Serveau 1980 Joy Blundon 1995 Robert Follett
1966 Tony Kelly 1981 No Award 1996 Marcus Cranford
1967 Paul Shears 1982 No Award 1997 No Award
1968 Malcolm Barkhouse 1983 David John Cox 1998 Beverly Reardon
1969 Bruce Nicholl 1984 Merle L. Lingard 99-06 No Award
1970 Joseph Tremblett 1985 Noel Caddigan 2007 Vicki Knott
1971 Warren Strong 1986 Michael Watson 2008  
1972 Joseph Brazil 1987 Darren Fillier 2009  
1973 Bruce Armstrong 1988 No Award 2010  
1974 Wayne Crew 1989 No award 2011  
1975 John McCarthy 1990 Carl Whiffin 2012  
1976 No Award 1991 Kenneth Sparkes 2013  
1977 No Award 1992 No Award 2014  
1978 No Award 1993 No Award 2015  
1979 Brian Cook 1994 Robert O’Keefe 2016  

The current monetary value is $500, and the recipient receives a Certificate.

Frank Gogos Award

Each year since 1974, the CIF/IFC has presented an award to a graduating student in the Forestry Resources Technology Diploma Program. This award is presented in memory of Frank Gogos, one of the original forestry instructors who later served as the Director of Forest Inventory with the Newfoundland Forest Service before his untimely death following a car accident.

The Frank Gogos Award is based on high achievement combining academic excellence and practical approach to forest management while studying Forest Resources Technology. It is awarded to a graduating student selected by the forestry faculty following completion of the final semester of the program and is presented at the graduation ceremony of the College.

Roll of Award Winners

Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient
1974 Michael Bennet 1989 Shirley Humphries 2004 Paul Reid
1975 Brian Jackman 1990 Faron Lidstone 2005 Shondra Haynes
1976 Rein Van Kesterin 1991 No Award 2006 Jordan Pyke
1977 Milton Carew 1992 Eric Cooper 2007 Cindy Pollett
1978 Philip Matthews 1993 Trevor Kinden 2008  Cody Wheeler
1979 Robert Goulding 1994 Bruce Clarke 2009 Justin Mutford 
1980 Gerald Carr 1995 David Poole 2010 Jacinda Lane 
1981 Gary Roach 1996 Hughie Parsons 2011 Andrew Strowbridge 
1982 No Award 1997 Paul Northcott 2012 Brittany Seaward 
1983 Basil English 1998 Keith Smith 2013 Frank Shapleigh 
1984 Glenn Payne 1999 Shona Simms 2014 Will Check 
1985 Paul Ricketts 2000 Marc Poirier 2015  
1986 Barry Elkins 2001 Jeremy Keeping 2016  
1987 Boyd Brake 2002 Wayne Giles 2017  
1988 Todd Strickland 2003 Andrew Clarke 2018  

Current monetary value is $500. The student also receives a certificate.

CIF Gold Medal Award

Each year since 1953, the CIF/IFC has presented Gold Medal awards to one student from the undergraduate program at each of the University Forestry Faculties (7), and since 1992 at each of the CIF/IFC recognized Forestry Technical Schools (23).

This award is based on a combination of outstanding scholarship, sports and citizenship as demonstrated throughout his/her years in the program. The award is presented to a student from the graduating class who is selected by the faculty head following recommendation from the forestry program instructors.

Roll of Award Winners

School Recipients
Fisher Institute of Applied Arts and Technology 1992 Stan Pieda
Westviking College 1993 Shawn Howlett
1994 Anne Hollahan
1995 Rodney Ricketts
1996 Cody Crocker
1997 Rodney March
College of the North Atlantic 1998 Bradley Simms
1999 Dwayne Downey
2000 Shawn Goodyear
2001 Christopher Gray
2002 Wayne Giles
2003 Ben Woodward
2004 Boyd Ivany
2005 Caesar Pilgrim
2006 Colin Butt
2007 Cindy Pollett
2008 Jonathon Pynn
2009 Mike McCarthy
2010 Jessica Galliott
2011 Travis Button
2012 Dylan Decker
2013 Ashley Phillips
2014 Amelia Smith