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Saskatchewan First Nations Forestry Alliance Media Release

Saskatchewan First Nations Forestry Alliance represents 13 First Nations


Prince Albert, SK. A new forestry agreement has been signed by Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Big River First Nation, Pelican Lake First Nation, Witchekan Lake First Nation and Meadow Lake Tribal Council. The agreement outlines the intent of the Nations to work together to influence, initiate and execute on business- related opportunities within their Ancestral Lands. In doing so, an empowered collection of 13 First Nations will exercise their financial resources to leverage and partner with new business interests while maintaining the traditional use integrity of their Ancestral Lands.

“I’m very pleased that we’re making this announcement today,” says Robert Fincati, CEO of Montreal Lake Business Ventures “We started working on this agreement several years ago with a vision of bringing all of the groups together under one alliance. Our intention is to build on the Province’s commitment to more fully engage the traditional knowledge, financial resources, and investment interests of the First Nations. This Agreement will help us to be more fully engaged in forest businesses, creating new opportunities for our Nations. “

“The First Nations that have signed this agreement have shown they have the financial resources, management capacity, and vision to initiate and partner on forest industry and bioenergy investments,” says Al Balisky, CEO of MLTC Industrial Investments. “We look forward, on a priority basis, to working with the Province to initiate and execute on these investments. Finalizing this Forestry Agreement is a pivotal first step in executing our vision supporting continued Indigenous investment and influence in Saskatchewan’s forest and climate sectors in Saskatchewan.”

Montreal Lake Business Ventures, A.C. Forestry, and NorSask Forest Products LP – business arms of Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Agency Chiefs Tribal Council, and Meadow Lake Tribal Council, respectively – are First Nations shareholders of the Sakâw Askiy Management Inc., which is the forest licensee for the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area, Mistik Management Ltd., a subsidiary of Meadow Lake Tribal Council is the Licensee of the Mistik FMA, which is located west and north of the Prince Albert FMA.

Collectively, the 13 First Nations have control through their Licences and commercial arrangement in excess of 4 million cubic meters of Annual Allowable Cut in Saskatchewan. This amounts more than 50% of the allocated and active wood supply in Saskatchewan.

Our Ancestral Lands extend over more than two-thirds of Saskatchewan’s commercial forest zone,” says Chief Frank Roberts, Chief of Montreal Lake Cree Nation. “The collective strength of the 13 First Nations represented by our groups coming together will allow for the best possible outcome for all of us.”

“Like everyone who signed this agreement, we are focused on the long-term economic wellbeing of our membership,” says Chief Bruce Morin of Big River First Nation. “We foresee several forestry-related opportunities in the future and we want to strategically engage those opportunities to maximize benefits. We are proud to be part of this agreement and excited for the future. In addition, maintenance of the integrity of the forest within our traditional territory in order for our community members to practice our traditional activities is of significant importance.”

“We are certainly planning to work together on all business opportunities, but forestry is a good start,” says Meadow Lake Tribal Council Chief Richard Ben. “We all have a common interest in making sure we are all on the same page when it comes to strategy, maximizing benefits, and above all, taking care of the land, and we need to respect those practices through joint agreements such as this one.”

For more information: Robert Fincati, CEO

Montreal Lake Business Ventures Phone: 1-306-663-5349



I want to acknowledge the recent passing of Andrea Atkinson, RPF, after a two-and-a-half year journey with liver cancer. In reviewing Andrea’s career accomplishments over her 38-year career with the Forest Service Branch submitted by her colleagues, I can say without exaggeration that Andrea left the state of Saskatchewan forest management in better shape than she found it.

Andrea led the Forest Service’s licensing unit, led the development of the Saskatchewan Long-Term Integrated Forest Resource Management Plan, 1995; led the Forest Service’s integrated forest land use planning program; contributed to the land use planning (IFLUP) and licensing components of FRMA and the FRMA regulations; and led the transition of Forest Management Licence Agreements to new generation Forest Management Agreements.

Additionally, she was past President and long-time board/executive member of the ASFP.

Andrea was a credit to our profession and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to have worked with her and known her.


Bryan Fraser

President – ASFP



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International Wood Educators Conference

  • Presentations by educators from leading Canadian and European wood architecture and engineering
  • Social program includes field trips into northern Ontario’s forests
  • September 11 – 14, 2019
  • Laurentian University, McEwen School of Architecture, Sudbury Ontario Canada
  • More information to come

Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM) Technical Session and User Workshop

 Date: February 21st and 22nd, 2019

Location: Saskatchewan Polytechnic – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Sponsors: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Forest Service and the Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada (FGrOW): Western Boreal Growth and Yield Project Team (WESBOGY),

About MGM: The Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM) is a deterministic, distance-independent, individual tree-based stand growth model for the western Canadian boreal forest. It can model both tree and stand- level characteristics in uniform stands and semi-spatial environments (e.g. Understory Protection / Seismic Lines). As well as modelling even aged single species stands, MGM also supports simulations for novel silvicultural treatments (e.g. under-planting, understory protection and avoidance, partial cutting and tree-level tending). MGM’s growth summaries are provided as yield tables and charts that portray averages and totals for the conifer and deciduous components. MGM may be initialized using area-based tree lists, stand tables (including juvenile trees < 1.3m height), or an assumed tree height/diameter distribution.

MGM is calibrated for pure or mixed stands of white spruce, trembling aspen, lodgepole pine, jack pine, and black spruce. MGM’s growth relationships have been formulated using data from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Regional MGM variants also allow for the use of local species codes, site index curves, and tree volume equations.

Workshop Overview:

Day 1 – An Introduction to MGM

9:00 – 4:00 – Thursday, February 21st

The workshop will introduce MGM through a series of hands-on guided tutorials. Attendees will set up, run, and interpret simulations for both single and mixed-species stands using the current version of MGM.

The inner workings of MGM, including model structure, calibration, validation, and behavioural testing will be covered. New enhancements to MGM such as 1) the recent jack pine and black spruce calibration, and

2) the updated climate-sensitive mortality functions will also be discussed.

Day 2 – Advanced Simulations, Batch Processing and Installing MGM 9:00 – 2:00 – Friday, February 22nd

On Day 2, attendees will have the opportunity to set up, run, and interpret advanced MGM simulations for understory protection and patch retention harvesting. These simulations will use MGM’s “Multistrata” / and “MS-Light” growth modules. A session on Batch Processing will also be included.



Space will be limited, so please REGISTER by contacting Mike Bokalo by email:


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