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Respected Worldwide – Since 1925
Official Journal of the Canadian Institute of Forestry

The Canadian Institute of Forestry has published The Forestry Chronicle, a professional and scientific forestry journal, since 1925. It is published bi-monthly in print as well as electronically for members of the Institute and subscribers throughout the world.

The Forestry Chronicle is published to provide information to forest practitioners about professional and scientific management of forests and their resources. The Forestry Chronicle provides forest practitioners in Canada and around the world with a means to communicate with their peers in the professional community. In addition to invited and submitted professional and scientific papers, the various Departments of The Forestry Chronicle (e.g., the Guest Editorial, President’s Perspective, Personals, Institute Affairs and school and professional association news and conference listings), record and encourage comment on significant developments of general interest in Canadian and international forestry.

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The Forestry Chronicle is available electronically back to 1925!

Through an agreement with the National Research Council Press, The Forestry Chronicle is available electronically to CIF/IFC members and subscribers. It is online and digital back to 1925. If you wish to have access to the print or electronic format of The Forestry Chronicle, you must complete and submit the Chronicle Subscription Form with payment.

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Over 3000 copies, six times per year, across Canada and around the globe to members of the Institute (foresters, forest technicians/technologists, scientists, academics those with a professional interest in forestry), Corporate members (mainly large forest products companies) and subscribers including university libraries, government departments, forest industry, professional associations, and individuals.


Canada – 2500 – United States – 250 – Foreign – 250
Countries of circulation – Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Norway, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda and the U.S.A.

Published 6 times per year



International/National/Regional Content

National News
Model Forest News
International News
Institute Affairs
Section News
University/College News
Professional Association News
Book Announcements
Forestry Education

Academic/Intellectual Content

Themed Section of Professional Papers – papers from workshops, symposiums, conferences Scientific and Technical Papers – Topics such as biodiversity, GIS, forests and culture, poplars and willows, managing ecosystems and professional standards.

Professional Papers – observations and projects from government and industry in peer-reviewed format

Written Submissions

The Forestry Chronicle invites all CIF/IFC members to write to the editor of the Forestry Chronicle, or write about section events, current issues etc. We accept submissions up to the first Friday of the month preceding the issue (i.e. for May/June issue, short articles are due April 4). Send articles to Photographs should be high resolution and must have captions. An acknowledgement of the photographer, if known, should also be included.


You can order prints at any time. Contact us at:

Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada
P.O. Box 99, 6905 Hwy. 17 West
Mattawa, ON. P0H 1V0

Fax: (705)744-1716
Phone: (705) 744-1715 ext. 585

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