J Michael Waldram Memorial Model Forest Fellowship

The Fellowship, valued at up to $1000, will be open to all Canadian Aboriginal youth enrolled in at least their second year in either a degree or diploma program in natural resources management at a Canadian university or college. One award will be granted annually. The fellowship was established in 2006, and the first fellowship recipient was awarded in 2008.

Year Recipient
2019 N/A
2018 N/A
2017 N/A
2016 Kristin Smart
2015 Paul Robitaille
2014 Nicole Iaci
Curtis Germaine
2013 Williams Stolz
Shayna Mason
Ashley Dobko
2012 Ms. Mika Carriere
2011 Katlin Young
2010 Curtis Avery
Marti Lys
Lisa Marie Bergeron
2009 Christine Amber Creyke
Cindy Launièr
Maxime Lépine
2008 Tyson Williams