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July and August

Two months in and the first blog. Apologies but Canada is very inspiring and the laptop is less so!

Algonquin Park is big. So big that it would cover most of Cambridge, Norfolk and my home county Suffolk (Figure 1) if only we could commandeer it from the Canadians. The park is 763,555 ha which could fit around 40 Thetford Forests into it (the UK’s largest lowland pine forest). 66% of Ontario is forested (71 million ha) and of this 9% are defined as Parks and Protected areas (6.4 million ha) – where Algonquin Park fits. Akin to our Forestry Commission woodland the park is Crown owned, as is 81% of Ontario’s forests, so only around 10% of Ontario’s forests are privately owned (Government of Ontario, 2017).

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