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Below you will find past special-topic electronic lectures delivered individually or as a series. By special request of the organizations involved in sponsoring these lectures, they have been made available to all.

Excellence and Innovation in Operational Block Planning Workshop Posters
Title Presenter File
Introduction Dean Caron, and Dana Collins PDF
Forest Planning Toolbox Francis Charette PDF
Operational Planning John Bastone PDF
Costs and Benefits of Using LiDAR for Forest Operations Matt Kurowski PDF
Taming Drones for Forestry Denis Cormier, and Udaya Vepakomma PDF
Forest Road Restoration: The Challenge of Changing Expectations Dave McNabb PDF
Airbourne Remote Sensing Applications in Forestry Laird Van Damme PDF
Using SkyForest for Operational Planning Al Foley PDF
FPDat Showcase Project Dean Caron, and John Bastone PDF
FPInnovations Forest Operations Capacity Building Overview Dean Caron PDF


Seismic Line Restoration Technical Session Presentation Recording
Presenter Affiliation Title
Matthew Pyper Fuse Consulting Ltd. Incentives, frameworks, and a path to habitat restoration in Alberta
Anna Dabros Canadian Forest Service Environmental and ecological footprint of seismic lines in Alberta
Shane Patterson Alberta Environment and Parks Geomatics / Remote Sensing / Earth Observation: Why we need to change the way we think about data
Laura Finnegan Foothills Research Institute Restoring seismic lines – the wildlife perspective
Michael Cody Cenovus Energy Inc. From applied research to a community of practice; important perceptions and misconceptions associated with linear restoration
Paula Bentham Golder Associates Ltd. Enabling solutions for landscape level habitat restoration
Margaret Donnelly Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Looking at seismic restoration from a forestry perspective – the development of integrated, multiscale approaches
Simon Dyer Pembina Institute Policy mechanisms to regulate seismic line restoration at scale







2nd Annual Cross Country EFI Update January, 2017 Various PDF
Assessment of Wood Attributes using Remote Sensing January, 2017 Curtis Marr PDF
EFI Update – Western Update January, 2017 Joanne White and Mike Wulder PDF
EFI Update – The Ontario Region Program January, 2017 Doug Pitt and Murray Woods PDF
EFI Update – Provincial LIDAR Acquisition in Quebec January, 2017 PDF
EFI Update – Newfoundland Update January, 2017 Joan Luther and Richard Fournier PDF
EFI Update – New Brunswick Update January, 2017 PDF
1st Annual Cross Country EFI Update January 18, 2016 Various  PDF Video
IEA Bioenergy: Mobilizing Sustainable Bioenergy Supply Chains February 25, 2016 Tat Smith PDF Video