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August - Good Things Come In Trees

August has been another great month here in the UK. I am afraid that my Canadian accent has picked-up some new British flavours, because my vocabulary certainly has… Now that I am on my way back to Canada this adventure seems to have passed by too quickly. This month has been jam packed with lots of new experiences. Some include, using an Arbortom (sonic-tomograph), visiting Thorpe Perrow Arboretum in Yorkshire, visiting the Major Oak (1150 years old), having my first Cromer Crab meal, and so much more. The theme for the month has been municipal based urban forestry and the challenges local governments face in regards to their street trees.

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August - Fungi Fun-guy

My second month in Norwich has been just as exciting as the last, though, I was disappointed to miss Canada’s 150th celebration. However, the Canadian spirit was felt from here in Norwich. Since my arrival I have settled into a routine and have become used to the British customs. Black pudding and beans with breakfast and are now sought after rather than examined. I have started calling pants, trousers, so my colleague’s children won’t laugh at me anymore. Its apparently a ‘thing’. My land-people have been very welcoming and have included me in their day-to-day lives which includes their jobs as physiotherapists. I am certain my posture has improved significantly over the last couple of months from their advice and watchful eyes. Overall, the last month in UK has been great - a fun mix of leisurely adventures and urban forestry expeditions!

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July - Norfolk Newbie

I have finally completed my first month of the work-exchange at AT Coombes Associates in Norwich UK, which was provided generously through the Prince of Wales Leadership Award. Even though there were many steps to get to this part of this exchange, everything went relatively smoothly. My application for a UK visa was a long process but with some clues left in past award winner’s blogs, and help from my dad (thanks Dad!), I managed to receive my youth mobility visa. Accommodation in Norwich was a concern. Through my past experiences, short-term rental offers can be elusive. Luckily for me, my employer’s daughter had my back and found me a comfortable room in a house with a couple of very nice physiotherapists, their son, and their awesome dog, Sol!

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