The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF/IFC) proactively makes science and research accessible to the public, striving to provide relevant and valuable resources on forest science and practices. This resources section provides a broad range of information, from professional development opportunities (Ontario Tree Marker Program), up-to-date career postings across Canada, promotional multimedia on the CIF/IFC, to a link to the International Forestry Review journal, a collection of Enhanced Forest Inventory articles and presentations and, finally, a link to the CIF/IFC Science-Extension-Education-Knowledge (SEEK) program.

The Institute’s new national tree-roots network CIF/IFC SEEK program aims to promote, instigate and facilitate multiple public-private forest science and research projects within an effective partnership framework by providing:

  • A cost-effective platform for the pooling of financial and human resources
  • Regional, provincial and national leadership and capacity to set knowledge priorities
  • Effective knowledge exchange and implementation using modern and traditional media.

CIF/IFC SEEK will organize, track and report on projects within six broad program areas:

  • Natural Resource Inventories and Spatial Modeling
  • Silviculture, Productivity and Value
  • Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecological Processes
  • Sustainable Biomass for Bioenergy
  • Extension and Knowledge Exchange
  • Community and Public Outreach

Click here to access the CIF/IFC SEEK webpage, or here for the CIF/IFC SEEK website.