12 Uses of Wood Product in Everyday Items

Throughout Canada, it is widely known that trees are vital to the environment. Trees are also highly necessary for human existence due to the absorption of carbon dioxide and other gases, the production of oxygen, and the food, fuel and habitat they offer. However, trees also add ease and luxury to human lives as cellulose (powdered wood pulp), and other tree components, are often added to everyday products, from tasty snacks to art supplies. Read on to discover twelve unexpected items that contain wood product!

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1) Ice Cream

Soft ice cream uses cellulose, the chief constituent of the cell walls of plants and wood, as a thickener and a stabilizer. This wood product helps the ice cream to keep its shape.

2) Nail Polish

Nail polish uses nitrocellulose, which is cellulose exposed a nitrating agent, for strength and quick-dry properties. Essentially, trees give us fashionable fingers.

3) Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese also uses cellulose. This is FDA approved, as cellulose is a harmless organic matter and helps to prevent shredded cheese from clumping.

4) Ink

Ink incorporates tall oil rosin from hard pines (subgenus Pinus). Some inks are also made with nitrocellulose. BIC ballpoints will never be the same.

5) Cigarette Filters

Cigarette filters use cellulose acetate fibers, one of the earliest synthetic fibers, which is based on wood pulp cellulose.

6) Medicine

Medicine in the form of quick-dissolve tablets often uses refined microcrystalline cellulose as a pill filler.

7) Sunscreen

Sunscreen is made with plant product like almond oil, clove bud oil and cocoa butter. A summer necessity for all!

8) Some Paints

Some paints contain hydroxyethyl cellulose, which is a gelling and thickening agent.

9) Chewing Gum

Chewing gum uses wood chemicals like rosin esters, a solid form of resin obtained by pines.

10) Toothpaste

Toothpaste usually contains several different wood components, such as cellulose gum and xylitol, which is made specifically from birch trees. Trees keep us minty fresh!

11) Ping Pong Balls

Ping pong balls are made from celluloid, which is a composition of nitrocellulose and camphor.

12) Doritos

Doritos use smoke flavouring made from liquefied and refined lumber mill sawdust. Check out http://www.redarrowinternational.com for more information!

Thanks, trees!