2016 Conference Presentations


Land Ownership and Business Models 

A First Nations Perspective. Maureen Thomas, Elected Chief, Tsleil-Waututh First Nation

Provincial Perspective. Honourable Steve Thomson, BC Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Demo International® 2016 Honourary Chairman

Private Landowner Perspective. Domenico Iannidinardo, Chief Forester and VP Sustainability, TimberWest

Future-Proofing Innovation Delivery. Dominik Roser, Research Manager, FPInnovations



Silviculture in the New Reality

Innovation in the Tree Planters’ World. John Betts, Western Silviculture Contractors’ Association.

ŸWildfire Management -Today and into the Future. Dana Hicks,

ŸInternational Silviculture. Lars Eliasson, Skogforsk

ŸAdapting to Climate Change Through Assisted Migration. Dr. Sally Aitken, UBC

ŸThe Uncertainty of Biological Sinks in an Ecological Civilization.
 Dirk Brinkman, Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd.



Logistics & Transportation

Is There Value in Real Time Truck Data? Tom Gallagher, Auburn.

What Fuels the Logistics of Canadian Wood Supply Systems and Are We Running Out of It? Luc LeBel, Laval University.

Process Design in Forest Biomass Procurement Chains. Johannes Windisch, Technical University, Munich.

Latest Developments in More Productive Truck Configurations and Designs. James Sinnett, FPInnovations

Biomass and Fibre Flow.Ian McIver, Ledcor Resources & Transportation LP



Adapting to Steep Slopes

Harvesting: Developments and Operating Limits. Rien Visser, University of Canterbury

Harvester and Forwarder on Steep Slopes – The European Perspective. Karl Stampfer, BOKU

Opportunities for Improving Cable Machines. Tyson Lambert, T-Mar

Operator Safety in Steep Slope Logging. John Garland, Oregon State University

Steep Slope Harvesting – Advances in Machine Adaptability.
Kolin Kirschenmann, Caterpillar Forest Products



Forest Transportation Systems

A Literature Review on Trucking Problems in Maine. Anil Koirala, University of Maine

Follow That Tractor: What Truck-Mounted GPS Tells Us About Log Truck Performance. Shawn Baker, Forisk Consulting

Utilization Of Phone Application Technology to Record Log Truck Movements in the South Eastern US. Marissa Daniel, Auburn University

Fuel Tax and Road Use. Dana Mitchell, USDA Forest Service

Rethinking Road Planning and Design Workflows: Unlocking the Potential of LiDar with New Optimization Technology. Craig Speirs, Softree Technical Systems



Procurement, Productivity And Costs

A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach to Locate a Terminal in Bio-Energy Supply Chains. Shuva Gautam, Université Laval

Timber Procurement Practices in Wisconsin: Responding to Seasonal Variation in Timber Availability. Joseph Conrad, University of Georgia

Skidding Performance When Operated Remotely. Kevin Xue, Auburn University

Are Logging Rates a Driver of Logging Employment? Shawn Baker, Forisk Consulting

Unprocessed Whole Tree Delivery Systems for Log Processing and Sorting Yards. John Lancaster, Auburn University



Safety and Contract Management

Private Forest Landowners Interaction with Timber Harvesting. Patrick Hiesl, Clemson University

Impact of Bucking Automation on Productivity and Log Specifications Compliance Rate. Mathieu Bouchard, Université Laval

Hazard in Motion: Development of Mobile Geofences for Use in Logging Safety and Logistics. Eloise Zimbelman, University of Idaho

Increasing Professional Know-How in Steep-Terrain Conditions: Experience from the Regional Learning Lab in Massif Central. Paul Magaud, Domaine Universitaire

A Characterization of Timber Salvage Operations on Public Forests in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Charlie Blinn, University of Minnesota



Fire Suppression and Working in Disturbed Stands

Cost, Production, and Effectiveness of Masticated Fireline. Elizabeth Dodson, University of Montana

Assessing the Emissions and Costs of Disposing Forest Residues Using Air Curtain Burners. Eunjai Lee, Humboldt State University

Wildland Fire Suppression Operations with Heavy Equipment in Spain. Juan Bautista, Ambiental de Castilla-La Mancha

Classifying Productive Cycle Elements for Shovel-Harvesting of Beetle Killed Timber Using Real-Time GNSS-RF. Ryer M. Becker, University of Idaho

A Productivity and Cost Comparison of Two Beetle-killed Stand Harvesting Methods. Hee Han, Oregon State University



Ground Based Systems

Operating Conditions for Forwarders in Norway. Bruce Talbot, NIBIO

Maximizing Logging Equipment Productivity Through Advanced Coaching. Carl Tingley, Forest Liaison Inc.

The Future of Forest Operations: It’s All About Data! Martin Castonguay, & Jean-François Gingras, FPInnovations

Cut to Length Harvesting; Why and What are the Challenges?
 Dan Fuhrer, Ponsse



Forest Biomass Production & Handling

The Ontario Experience. Loni Pierce, OMNRF

High Tonnage Biomass Harvesting. Dana Mitchell, USDA Forest Service

The First Commercial Pyrolysis Plant in Finland. Lauri Sikanen, Natural Resources Institute (Luke)

Chipping vs. Grinding – Experiences from Sweden. Lars Eliasson, Skogforsk



New Technology in Forest Management

Taming Drones for Forestry. Denis Cormier, FPInnovations

Enhanced Forest Inventory: An overview of the CWFC’s EFI Research Program and Partnerships. Sandra Allen, NRCan-RNCan

From Planning to Production: Applied Technology for Steep Slope. Jonathan Lok, Strategic Natural Resource Consultants

Integration of New Technologies and Tools for Forest Inventory and Assessment. Nicholas Coops, UBC



Silviculture and In-Woods Harvesting Systems

Standing Vs. Downed Tree Harvesting In Beetle-Killed Stands. Yaejun Kim, Oregon State University

Coppicing Evaluation in the Southeast US to Determine Harvesting Methods. Rafael Santiago, Auburn University

Benefits of Novel Mechanized Forest Fuel Treatments for Increasing Landscape Fire Resiliency.
Ricky Satomi, University of California Berkeley

Forest Operations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas. Dalia Abbas, University of Georgia

Evaluation of a Modified Centrifugal Spreader to Apply Nutrient-Rich Fine Fractions from Woodchips as a Fertilizer to Cutover Areas in Steep Terrain.
Christoph Huber, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna



Harvesting System Selection and Analysis

Stochastic Simulation of Harvesting System Alternatives. Ji She, Oregon State University

Technological Developments In Cable Logging. Hunter Harrill, University of Cantebury

Mechanized Pine Thinning Harvesting Simulation: Productivity and Cost Improvements as a Result of Changes in Planting Geometry. Simon Ackerman, Institute for Commercial Forestry Research

Skyline Tension Behaviour of Rigging Configurations Used in New Zealand Cable Logging.
Hunter Harrill, University of Cantebury

Benefits And Challenges of Shifting from Manual Approach to Using Optimization Procedures in Wood Procurement Planning. Maxime Auger, Université Laval



Looking Forward

Business Models in the Future. Ken Shields, Conifex Timber Inc.

Future of Equipment Development. Richard Lawler, John Deere

First Nation Partnerships Moving Forward. Matt Wealick, Probyn Log Ltd.

Stewardship – What Does The Future Hold? Tim Ryan, Forest Practices Board