2018 Pre-Conference Tour

Experience a scenic tour through the Canadian Rockies

exploring sites in Hinton and Jasper...

Taking place September 15-17, 2018. Find more details on the Pre-Conference Tour below!


THE PRE-CONFERENCE TOUR HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to low registration numbers.

This tour will take place from September 15th-17th, exploring the Hinton and Jasper National Park areas focusing on silviculture, pest management, climate change, fire, and healthy landscapes, all of which affect grizzly bear and caribou populations. You will experience a scenic drive through the mountains, and spend your second night in Jasper - a jewel in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The bus will depart from Edmonton on September 15th and arrive in Grande Prairie on September 17th in time for the 2018 Student Quiz Bowl.


September 15th

The Pre-Conference Tour starts in Edmonton, and the bus will depart from the airport late afternoon/early evening, hopefully no later than 6pm.

The bus will travel from Edmonton to Hinton Training Centre where participants will stay for the night.

The Hinton Training Centre is a facility run by the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. One of their functions is to develop and deliver training to forest and land managers and fire suppression personnel.

There are a number of small interpretive trails on the grounds of the training centre where you can walk and stretch your legs after the bus ride.

If the bus arrives in Hinton early enough it may be possible to take everyone up to the Beaver Boardwalk for a chance to see beavers in their natural habitat. It is also a great location for some really great birdwatching.

September 16th

The morning will begin with a hearty breakfast in the dining room at the Hinton Training Centre. If it’s a warm morning you can sit on the large deck and take in the beauty of the foothills and mountains.

After breakfast everyone will board the bus and head off to learn something about the work being done by fRI Research to answer questions that land and resource managers pose in order to be effective and responsible stewards of the landbase on which they operate. You will be hosted by Hinton Forest Products, West Fraser Mills Ltd. and learn more about their operations on their FMA.

The tour will focus on silviculture, pest management (MPB), climate change, fire, and healthy landscapes, all of which affect grizzly bear and caribou populations.



You will see and learn about the Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership (FSCP). The FSCP is a multi-industry partnership with the main objective of improving the condition and performance of stream crossings on the landscape.

The Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada (FGrOW) will highlight The Foothills Pine Project Team (FPPT). It continues the work of the Foothills Growth & Yield Association (FGYA), which formed in 2000 to co-operatively forecast and monitor managed stand growth and yield in Lodgepole pine.

The lunch stop will be at the Gregg Cabin Recreation Area.

The Gregg Cabin Recreation Area is one of many installations managed by Hinton Wood Products in partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks. Also, it is at the heart of a world-class forestry operation that has been going for 55 years earning much recognition, most of it positive. Nearby are historic research installations of the Canadian Forest Service and the Company, a number of ceremonial plantations and memorials to eminent foresters. Foresters from West Fraser will talk about challenges and accomplishments of the Hinton operation in the face of climate change and mountain pine beetle.

Once the field tour is over everyone will be back on the bus for the scenic drive to Jasper, a jewel in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

You will enjoy your stay at the Jasper Downtown Hostel. The hostel is centrally located and it’s a short walk to many of Jasper’s restaurants and stores.

September 17th

Some of the day will be spent with various Parks Canada staff. You will observe and learn about the challenges Jasper National Park faces in a mountain pine beetle environment, fire smarting in the face of forest fire risks, as well as the importance of fire on the landscape. (Stay tuned for more information to come).

There will be a stop for a boxed lunch at one of the beautiful natural areas and then it will be back on the bus for the drive to Grande Prairie.

There will be a few stops along Highway 40 where you will learn about the Caribou Program and the research taking place as well as the Caribou Patrol and what they are doing to help the caribou survive along the highway and roads in caribou habitat.

Tour will end and arrive in Grande Prairie.


September 15th: Hinton Training Centre

September 16th: Jasper Downtown Hostel


Boxed lunches and meals will be provided.


The total cost for the Pre-Conference Tour is $250.00 per person. Accommodations, meals, and bus transportation are included in this price.

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