Winners Announced for the 2020 National Forest Week Photo Contest

To celebrate National Forest Week (NFW) and its 100th anniversary, the Canadian Institute of Forestry invited Canadians to participate in a national photo contest from September 20-26, 2020.

We received over 150 entries showcasing Canada’s vast forest landscapes, demonstrating immense talent and creativity.

After careful review, we are pleased to announce the top 5 winners:

  • Ryan Wilkie
  • Samantha Rush
  • Alaina Vandervoort
  • Kyasha Robinson
  • Mike Lane

Ryan Wilkie_low res

Photo by: Ryan Wilkie

This photo was taken in Thunder Bay, ON in Centennial Park. The particular forest composition and structure is a great habitat for the Pileated Woodpecker and to be able to see them. These beautiful birds, with their distinct calls can be heard all around the park and surrounding areas.”

Samantha Rush

Photo by: Samantha Rush

“I took this picture in Salmon Arm, BC in October when I was viewing cutblocks for a silviculture company to replant the following year.”


Alaina Vandervoort

Photo by: Alaina Vandervoort

This photo was taken from a float plane during a fly-in fishing trip in July 2019, showing the White River Forest surrounding White River, Ontario.”

Kyasha Robinson

Photo by: Kyasha Robinson

This was taken at Summit Lake, in the Northern Rocky Mountains (58°39’03.3″N 124°39’05.2″W). I took this photo on a road trip I took this past summer with my partner. We took this summer to explore northern BC and the Yukon, as our international travel plans were cancelled. We drove 9,000km in total and saw many, many beautiful landscapes.”

Mike Lane

Photo by: Mike Lane

This is a photo of a mature Garry Oak tree (Quercus garryana is an oak tree species of the Pacific Northwest, with a range stretching from southern California to southwestern British Columbia.) This tree is growing in a pastoral area of southern Vancouver Island. The background forest is comprised of more native species (western hemlock, Douglas fir and western red cedar.)”