AGM and Workshop Presentations

CIF-IFC Rocky Mountain Section Spring Workshop and  Annual General Meeting

On May 11, 2017, The Rocky Mountain Section hosted a spring workshop entitled “Alberta’s Silviculture Evolved”.  The workshop will highlight and update classic silviculture subjects such as site preparation and herbicide use, spotlight the innovation that has arisen in the industry in the past few years, and  also wider and current application of silviculture in relation to reclamation of industrial sites. The Rocky Mountain Section AGM will follow.

Presentations can be found below.

Presenter Title
Dave Coates Flexible multi scale silviculture: an approach to tree stand and landscape scale processes and their interactions in managed forests
Marty O’ Byrne Reforestation in Alberta: perspectives and concepts
Phil Comeau Silviculture for sustainable forest management in Alberta
Milos Mihajlovich Herbicides for forest management in Alberta and Canada: risk management to ensure sustained future use
Mike Poscente Industrial reclamation utilizing silviculture 
Zachary Cole Innovation in silviculture data management
Scott Formaniuk Seedling Stock type selection and stock handling for reforestation
Vic Lieffers Benefits of site preparation for establishing and growing spruce