Canadian Forest Management Group Achievement

Recognition of outstanding achievement by teams and groups of natural resource managers, researchers and NGO groups in the field of forest resource related activities in Canada. Forest management today is a complex, multidisciplinary field. Teams comprised of professionals and/or stakeholders are making significant advances in the area of forest management by bringing together in a synergistic manner, expertise ranging from science through to public involvement and education. The achievement of such groups cannot be attributed to any one person so the award will recognize the group as a whole and its contribution to Canadian Forest Management. This award has the objective of encouraging excellence in group contribution to Canadian forest management.

Year Recipient
2022 Petawawa Research Forest (Elizabeth Cobb, Melissa Vekeman, Heidi Erdle, and Kyle Harbin)
2021 fRI Research – Grizzly Bear Program
2020 N/A
2019 The Research Program – Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Government of British Columbia
2018 Strategic Natural Resource Consultants
2017 Forest Watershed Research Center, University of New Brunswick
2016 (2 Recipients) University of British Columbia Faculty of Forestry and CN Rail
2015 FPInnovations
2014 University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry
2013 Tree Canada
2012 Algonquin Forestry Authority
2011 Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
2010 Foothills Research Institute
2009 Sustainable Forest Management Network
2008 Millar Western Forest Products
2007 SOPRON Foresters
2006 Nippissing Forest Resource Management
2005 Saskatchewan Environment – Forest Service
2001 La Semaine des Sciences Forestières
2000 The Pine Martin Working Group of the Western Newfoundland Model Forest
1999 Core Writing Team: Silvicultural Guide for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Conifer Forest in Ontario: Fred Pinto, Andrée Morneault, Brian Batchelor, Alan Corlett, Brian Naylor, Murray Woods, and King Wright
1998 Scouts Canada