2023 Program

Forestry for All

The theme for the 2023 CIF-IFC National Conference and 115th AGM, “Forestry for All”, was chosen to bring together those with differing values on forest management ideologies, including foresters, academics, activists, First Nations, and lay people.

The Conference will take place from September 24-27, 2023 in Nanamio, BC. Learn more about the theme, speakers, and social events we have planned for #2023CIF below!

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About the Program

Canada is regarded as a leader in sustainable forest management, so why is our forest industry the subject of protest? Foresters, academics, activists, First Nations, and lay people all have a voice in this conversation, and each has a right to be heard. At this Conference we will examine forest management ideologies among groups with differing values. Let’s consider the innovative ways these groups collaborate. How were we successful in the past? What are we facing today? And how should we approach the challenges of tomorrow?

This year’s Conference aims to provide delegates with practical information concerning:

  • BC’s old growth forests
  • Forestry operations in the new age
  • Forest seeds
  • Prescribed burnings and emerging science
  • Forest policy and carbon accounting
  • Open urban forest projects
  • Challenges facing young forestry professionals

The Conference will also feature technical presentations on the leading edge of forestry innovation and field tours showcasing local culture and history, silviculture, wood product manufacturing and BIG TREES! Surrounded by the giant coastal Douglas-firs and western redcedars of the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rainforests, Conference goers can explore the “Hub City” of Nanaimo and all the tourism opportunities Vancouver Island has to offer.

Meet the Speakers for #2023CIF

Keynote Speakers

Lennard Joe, RPF – CEO, BC First Nations Forestry Council

  • Lennard, (Traditional name of Suxwsxwwels, meaning Grizzly Man) brings over 30 years of natural resources experience into his current roles. He is a Registered Professional Forester, a member of the Nlaka’pamux First Nation, and CEO of the BC First Nations Forestry Council.

Albert Nussbaum, RPF – Deputy Chief Forester, Office of the Chief Forester, BC Ministry of Forests

  • As the Deputy Chief Forester, Government of British Columbia Ministry of Forests, he leads several branches within the office of the Chief Forester including Forest Science Policy and Practices Branch, Forest Investment and Reporting Branch and Forest Improvement and Research Management Branch.
Plenary 1 - Panel Discussion: Forestry for All
  • Moderator Vaughn Palmer, Political Columnist, The Vancouver Sun
  • Tegan Hansen, Senior Forest Campaigner, Stand.earth
  • Domenico Iannidinardo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Engagement & Chief Development Officer, Mosaic Forest Management
  • Bob Brash, RPF, MBA, Executive Director, The Truck Loggers Association
  • Keith Atkinson, RPF, Board Chair, Forest Practices Board
Plenary 2 - Panel Discussion: Stress in the forest industry
  • Moderator John Betts, Executive Director, Western Forestry Contractors Association
  • Lacey Rose, RPF, County Forester, County of Renfrew
  • Derek Nighbor, President & CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada
  • Doug Reid, President, Canadian Institute of Forestry; Co-Lead, Free to Grow in Forestry
  • David Elstone, RPF, GBDA, Managing Director, Spar Tree Group Inc.; Publisher, View From The Stump
Plenary 3: BC's old growth, into the future

BC‘s Endangered Old-Growth Forests

TJ Watt, Photographer & Campaigner, Ancient Forest Alliance

Plenary 4 - Panel Discussion: Forestry in the Media
  • Moderator Karin Doherty, Director, Government Relations and Communications, Mosaic Forest Management
  • Megan Hanacek, RPF, RPBio, CEO, Private Forest Landowners Association
  • Tamara Little, Owner and Chief Client Advisor, Coast Communications and Public Affairs
  • Mina Laudan, Board Chair, Resource Works
Plenary 5: Prescribed and cultural burning/2023 BC wildfires

Putting good fire out on the land

Dr. Sonja Leverkus, PhD, RPF, RPBio, PAg, EP, Founder and Ecosystem Scientist​, Shifting Mosaics; Founder and Sr. Fire Lead, Northern Fire WoRx

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session 1

Challenges and Opportunities for Indigenous Engagement in Forestry-Related Decision-Making: Reflections from an Indigenous-Provincial Government Research Collaboration

  • Isabelle Allen, RPF, Project Forester, Wahkohtowin Development

Migratory Birds Act

  • Tania Tripp, M.Sc. RP.Bio, General Manager & Senior Wildlife Biologist, Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.

Concurrent Session 2

Forest Carbon-Project Mechanics & Market Dynamics

  • Martin Baker, Senior Director of Natural Climate Solutions, Anew Climate

Open Urban Forests – Establishing the First National View of Urban Forestry Geospatial Data in Canada

  • Dr. Andrew Almas, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Forestry in Urban Forestry, University of British Columbia
  • Natasha Machado, RPF, Director of Programs and Initiatives, CIF-IFC


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