2023 Program

Conference Presentations

We are pleased to share the presentations from speaker sessions that took place at the 2023 CIF-IFC National Conference and 115h AGM, hosted from September 24-27, 2023 in Nanamio, BC.

Please note: only the presentation files where speakers granted permission to share will be hyperlinked below. Links will continue to be added as permission is granted.

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Conference Speaker Session Presentations

Keynote Speakers
Plenary 1 - Panel Discussion: Forestry for All
  • Moderator Vaughn Palmer, Political Columnist, The Vancouver Sun
  • Tegan Hansen, Senior Forest Campaigner, Stand.earth
  • Domenico Iannidinardo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Engagement & Chief Development Officer, Mosaic Forest Management
  • Bob Brash, RPF, MBA, Executive Director, The Truck Loggers Association
  • Keith Atkinson, RPF, Board Chair, Forest Practices Board
Plenary 2 - Panel Discussion: Stress in the forest industry
  • Moderator John Betts, Executive Director, Western Forestry Contractors Association
  • STRESS? In the Forest SectorLacey Rose, RPF, County Forester, County of Renfrew
  • Forestry for the Future – Derek Nighbor, President & CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada
  • Doug Reid, President, Canadian Institute of Forestry; Co-Lead, Free to Grow in Forestry
  • An Industry in Transition, There is no Going Back! – David Elstone, RPF, GBDA, Managing Director, Spar Tree Group Inc.; Publisher, View From The Stump
Plenary 3: BC's old growth, into the future

Endangered Old-Growth Forests in British ColumbiaTJ Watt, Photographer & Campaigner, Ancient Forest Alliance

Plenary 4 - Panel Discussion: Forestry in the Media
  • Moderator Karin Doherty, Director, Government Relations and Communications, Mosaic Forest Management
  • The Important Role of Natural Resource Professionals in Media – Megan Hanacek, RPF, RPBio, CEO, Private Forest Landowners Association
  • Tamara Little, Owner and Chief Client Advisor, Coast Communications and Public Affairs
  • Mina Laudan, Board Chair, Resource Works
Plenary 5: Prescribed and cultural burning/2023 BC wildfires

Putting good fire out on the landDr. Sonja Leverkus, PhD, RPF, RPBio, PAg, EP, Founder and Ecosystem Scientist​, Shifting Mosaics; Founder and Sr. Fire Lead, Northern Fire WoRx

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session 1

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Indigenous Engagement in Forestry-Related Decision-Making: Reflections from an Indigenous-Provincial Government Research Collaboration – Isabelle Allen, RPF, Project Forester, Wahkohtowin Development 
  • Migratory Birds Act – Tania Tripp, M.Sc. RP.Bio, General Manager & Senior Wildlife Biologist, Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.

Concurrent Session 2

  • Forest Carbon-Project Mechanics & Market Dynamics – Martin Baker, Senior Director of Natural Climate Solutions, Anew Climate
  • Establishing the First National View of Urban Forestry Geospatial Data in Canada – Dr. Andrew Almas, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Forestry in Urban Forestry, University of British Columbia and Natasha Machado, RPF, Director of Programs and Initiatives, CIF-IFC – Open Urban Forests


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