Past AGM’s & Conferences

Date Location Theme
2023 Nanaimo, British Columbia Forestry for All
2022 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario The New Normal
2021 Virtual/online Rooted in Resilience
2020 Virtual/online Diversity and innovation – Cultivating resilience in forestry
2019 Pembroke, Ontario River Through the Pines: Still Flowing…Still Growing
2018 Grande Prairie, Alberta Sustaining Resources and Enhancing Communities: By Looking Back and Going Forward
2017 Ottawa, Ontario Canada’s Forests: Our Stories, Our Future
2016 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada’s Forest Sector-Adapting To A New Reality
2015 Kenora, Ontario Sharing the Forest
2014 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Remodeling the Forest Science-Management Partnership
 2013  Corner Brook, Newfoundland Uncharted Waters Revisited: Laying a New Course for a New Forest Industry
 2012  Quebec City, Quebec Canada’s Forest Sector at a Turning Point
 2011  Huntsville, Ontario Canada’s Forest Conference 2011
 2010  Jasper, Alberta Regional Land Use Planning in a Global Economy
 2009  Nanaimo, British Columbia Stewardship: Energizing Forestry Through New Strategies and Partnerships
 2008  Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada’s Forests – Manage for Change
 2007  Toronto, Ontario Forests in Settled Landscapes – Working Together to Protect and Enhance
 2006  Cochrane, Ontario Boreal Conference 2006 – Dyanmic Forests, Dynamic Thinking
 2005  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Forestry Rebellion – Leading Change
2004 Edmonton, Alberta One Forest Under Two Flags
2003 Quebec City, Quebec A World of Forest Practitioners
2002 North Bay, Ontario Forest Sustaining Communities/Communities Sustaining Forests
2001 Vancouver, British Columbia Inheriting the Future
2000 Corner Brook, Newfoundland Uncharted Waters
1999 Banff, Alberta Back to the Future in 100 Years
1998 Ottawa, Ontario World Trends and Their Effects on Canadian Forest Practices
1997 Prince George, British Columbia Global Approaches to Sustainable Forest Management
1996 Thunder Bay, Ontario Global Influence – Local Realities: A Cross-Country Checkup
1995 Halifax, Nova Scotia Integrated Resource Management: Results in Action
1994 Anchorage, Alaska Managing Forests to Meet People’s Needs
1993 Montreal, Quebec Towards 21st Century Forestry
1992 Vancouver, British Columbia Forestry: The Cornerstone of Canadian Society
1991 Toronto, Ontario Capturing Canada’s Forest Ethic
1990 Fredericton, New Brunswick In Pursuit of Excellence in the Forestry Profession
1989 Kananaskis, Alberta Reconciling Vision with Reality
1988 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Forestry – A Shared Responsibility
1987 St. John’s, Newfoundland Forestry Communications: “The Essential Link”
1986 Victoria, British Columbia The Man-Made Forest – What is it? Who needs it?
1985 Winnipeg, Manitoba The Forest – Who Manages?
1984 Quebec City, Quebec Forest Resource Management: The Influence of Policy and Law
1983 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Forestry in Canada: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow
1982 Prince George, British Columbia Forestry: The Future Shock
1981 Halifax, Nova Scotia Forestry in the 80s: Our Chance of a Lifetime Opportunity
1980 Ottawa, Ontario Forestry in Canada: The Role of Governments
1979 Jasper, Alberta Forest Land Management: Options in Perspective
1978 St. Louis, Missouri North America’s Forests Gateway to Opportunity
1977 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada’s Forests From Seed to Sale
1976 Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada’s Coniferous Forest – A Growing Challenge
1975 Montreal, Quebec Forest Environment
1974 Niagara Falls, Ontario Forestry is for People
1973 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan The Changing Scene
1972 Fredericton, New Brunswick Forest Resources in the 70s: The Electronic Age
1971 Victoria, British Columbia Tomorrow’s Challenges: Pacific Coast Foresters
1970 Winnipeg, Manitoba Land Use Planning and Resource Allocation
1969 St. John’s, Newfoundland New Forests for Old
1968 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Forestry – A Shared Responsibility
1967 Ottawa, Ontario Not By Forestry Alone
1966 Banff, British Columbia Forests and Waters
1965 Fort William, British Columbia The Forestry Consequences of the Changing Operational Techniques
1964 Toronto, Ontario The Future of Forestry in our Society
1963 Halifax, Nova Scotia Impact of Modern Technology on Forestry in Canada
1962 Vancouver, British Columbia Conflicts in Land Use
1961 Minneapolis, Minnesota Forestry’s Common Frontiers
1960 Quebec City, Quebec Forestry Education at All Levels
1959 Prince George, British Columbia Spruce Management for the Future
1958 Fredericton, New Brunswick Forestry Commissions in Canada
1957 Toronto, Ontario The Forestry Profession and the Public
1956 Chicoutimi, Quebec Increased Utilization
1955 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Forest Protection
1954 Victoria, British Columbia Sustained Yield Forestry as a Business Enterprise
1953 Winnipeg, Manitoba The Forest Situation in Canada Today
1952 Montreal, Quebec Trends in Northern American Forestry
1951 Banff, Alberta Integration of Forest Land Use
1950 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Applied Silviculture
1949 Toronto, Ontario No Theme
1948 Fredericton, New Brunswick Forests and Forestry in the Canadian Economy
1947 Vancouver, British Columbia The Relations Between State and Private Forestry: The Status of the Forestry Profession
1946 Regina, Saskatchewan Planning for Managed Forests
1945 Fort William, British Columbia Forest Management Through Establishment of Permanent Population in the Forest
1944 Montreal, Quebec Canadian Forest Situation in 1944
1943 Toronto, Ontario Post-War Problems in Government and Industry
1942 Quebec City, Quebec Post-War Rehabilitation
1941 Victoria, British Columbia Sustained Yield
1940 Ottawa, Ontario Spruce Regeneration
1939 Toronto, Ontario No Theme
1938 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1937 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1936 N/A No AGM, Officers Elected
1935 Toronto, Ontario No Theme
1934 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1933 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1932 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1931 Fredericton, New Brunswick No Theme
1930 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1929 Winnipeg, Manitoba No Theme
1928 Quebec City, Quebec No Theme
1927 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1926 Toronto, Ontario No Theme
1925 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1924 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1923 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1922 N/A No AGM – Officers Elected
1921 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1920 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1919 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1918 Montreal, Quebec No Theme
1917 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1916 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1915 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1914 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1913 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1912 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1911 Quebec City, Quebec No Theme
1910 N/A No AGM – Officers Elected
1909 Ottawa, Ontario No Theme
1908 Montreal, Quebec Founding Meeting