2022 Winter Knowledge Exchange: The Growing Premium – Forests for Environmental Services

  •  7 February 2022
     11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Mark your calendars! The Canadian Institute of Forestry / Institute forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC) in collaboration with the CIF-IFC Central Ontario Section is pleased to be hosting the Winter Knowledge Exchange (KE) as a virtual event.

Date: Monday, February 7, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm ET
Location: Virtual – though Zoom Webinar.
Cost: Free! Click here to register
Who: Students, CIF-IFC members and anyone with an interest in forests/forestry – everyone is welcome to attend.

The Winter KE brings together forest practitioners and students to address timely topics in forestry in a student-focused setting. This year’s theme, The Growing Premium – Forests for Environmental Services, will explore how sustainable forest management can be an effective nature-based solution to minimize climate change risks to ecosystems. The need to recognize the many environmental services provided by healthy forests has never been greater, not only in Ontario but around the world. Guest speaker presentations will be followed by a student-focused career discussion.


Registration is free. Click here to register for the 2022 Winter Knowledge Exchange.

Program & Agenda

Moderator: Adam Hodgson, Forestry Professor, School of Natural Environment, Sault College

The agenda for 2022 Winter Knowledge Exchange is available in both official languages (French & English). Please click here to view and download a copy.

Time (ET) Speakers & Presentations
11:00 am Welcome and CIF-IFC Introduction
CIF-IFC National Office Staff – Natasha Machado, Steph Robinson & Tanisha Rajput
11:10 am Moose Habitat and Herbicide Management
Isabelle Allen, RPF, Project Forester, Wahkohtowin Development

Consultation with Indigenous communities is a requirement of forest management. Merging Indigenous knowledge and values with government-approved Forest Management Plan formats is an ongoing endeavour. The First Nations owners of Wahkohwotin Development have identified moose as a cultural keystone species that are impacted by forest management activities in their territories. This presentation will explore the two-eyed seeing approach to managing the prevalent interests of moose populations and herbicide use in the Boreal Forest.
11:40 am Forestry impacts on white-tailed deer
Philip Wiebe, MSc, Wildlife Biologist, Canadian Forest Service

White-tailed deer exhibit density-dependence and are therefore limited by food availability across much of their range. However, studies on deer close to the cold northern extent of their range have found them to be more limited by severe winters. Under these extreme conditions, deer may only exhibit density-dependence during times when they are less limited by climate. We examine the role that food availability plays in a system of white-tailed deer close to the northern limit of their range. This study will inform forest managers on best practices to maintain sufficient habitat in all seasons to meet management goals for deer.
12:10 pm From Seedlings to Forests: Fostering Environmental Co-Benefits when Planting Trees
Isabelle Aubin, PhD, Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service

Balancing the various socio-economic, cultural and environmental values and needs related to forests is currently a major challenge in restoration. Forest managers want to know: what should we plant now so future forests will be resilient in the face of global change while providing the suite of ecosystem services that people rely on? In this presentation, I present some recent advances at the crossroads of environmental sciences, functional ecology and restoration that may provide new perspectives to help meet these challenges. I will also present PlantR, a tool co-developed with the City of Sudbury to help resource managers decide which species to plant and in which combinations in order to achieve specific restoration goals.
12:40 pm Q&A and Open Career Discussion
Moderated by: Adam Hodgson Forestry Professor, School of Natural Environment, Sault College
1:00 pm Conclusion


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