Rocky Mountain Section Technical Workshop – Timber supply in Alberta’s forests – these are risky times

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Timber supply in Alberta’s forests – these are risky times

The CIF-IFC Rocky Mountain Section hosted a virtual technical session on November 19, 2020  for practitioners interested in sustainability of and intensive investment in  Alberta’s forests in times of risk from fire, insects, erratic weather and other factors  that influence the long-term success of our forests and communities.

A diverse line-up of speakers from industry, government and the scientific community shared their expertise on:

  • The importance of timber supply in forestry investment
  • Opportunities to increase yield through intensive silviculture
  • Tree improvement opportunities to increase growth or reduce insects, diseases and drought impacts.
  • Climate change and wildfire and its impacts on sustainability.
  • Assessing how risk to forest sustainability and health is assessed in sustained yield management
  • Operational and strategic planning to increase wood supply in Alberta with current and adapted policies.

Continuing Competence:

AAFMP CCP, Category 1, up to 6.5 hours credit

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Keywords: Canadian Institute of Forestry – CIF, Rocky Mountain Section, timber supply, wood supply, fibre, tree improvement, insects, intensive silviculture

Speaker Title Presentation Video
Vic Lieffers Welcome and layout for the day – why this is important.
Jeff Mycock Chief Forester, West Fraser, Quesnel, BC
Decades of Timber Supply Hindsight – if we knew then what we know now
Bob Winship Strategic Team Coordinator, Weyerhaeuser Pembina
Wood Supply: Perspectives on the Big Picture
 Bob Held Retired Resource Analyst
Alberta Timber Supply Analysis – lessons learned
John Parkins Professor, Dept. of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta
Sustaining Timber, Sustaining Rural Communities: shared destiny or separate paths?
Neal McLoughlin Wildfire Management Unit Lead, Provincial FireSmart Program, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.
Landscapes on Fire
Barb Thomas Professor, Dept. of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
What Role can Tree Improvement Play in Meeting our Fibre Needs?
Devin Goodsman Entomologist, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada
Why Understanding Insect Dispersal Matters for Managing Forests Threatened by Tree-Killing Insects
Brad Pinno Assistant Professor, Dept. of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
Opportunities for Increasing Timber Supply in Alberta through Intensive Silviculture
Summary of first breakout discussion groups
Summary of second breakout discussion groups