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Getting Spatial Information from UAVs (Drones) or Terrestrial Laser Scanners: What do you need to know?

The CIF-IFC Rocky Mountain Section hosted a technical workshop on April 17, 2019 for managers and practitioners looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of UAV’s (Drones) and Terrestrial Laser Scanners and their applications to enhance and improve sustainable forest and natural resource management. The event took place at the Chateau Louis in Edmonton, Alberta.

Continuing Competence:

  • CAPF: Category 1, G/T up to 5 hours credit
  • CAPFT: Category 1, Structured Learning, up to 5 hours credit


Presentation material of the technical session can be found below.

*Keywords: Canadian Institute of Forestry – CIF, Rocky Mountain Section, drones, forestry, UAV , RPAS (Remotely-Piloted Aircraft System)

Speaker Title Video
Guillermo Castilla CFS/Natural Resources Canada The use of drones for forest applications: an introduction https://youtu.be/F1TCuQzoRUs
Doug Hanna Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Training and certification: what do you need to know? https://youtu.be/YXUm4ByJnV4
Jim Coupal Alberta Environment and Parks Flying drones safely and legally https://youtu.be/A3NM95ps_xM
Greg McDermid University of Calgary The emerging role of UAVs in forest restoration of seismic lines https://youtu.be/S_0rtJ0QJe0
Ron Hall (moderator) Panel Discussion: The challenge in adopting new technology: Operational realities vs Innovation – What are the risks?

Provincial, Territorial, Industrial Perspectives:  
Udaya Vepakomma FP Innovations
Still in the Air: Our continued journey with UAVs for forest operations
Jurjen van der Sluijs Government of NWT Evolution of UAV’s in the Government of NWT https://youtu.be/jTsgHa5-PR4
Tristan Goodbody UBC: Examining potential applications of UAS/UAV’s and digital photogrammetry for various forest management purposes https://youtu.be/9GkZaQPSGAE
Chris Hopkinson University of Lethbridge: The evolution of TLS as a viable forest inventory and plot monitoring technology https://youtu.be/bPIGWlBLpk4
Guillermo Castilla (moderator) Service Providers: Words of wisdom (5 min each)

Upcoming Date(s) and Time(s)

  • Technical Session
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm