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Below you will find past special-topic electronic lectures delivered individually or as a series. By special request of the organizations involved in sponsoring these lectures, they have been made available to all.

BC Ministry Research Program – History and Current Activities

Natural Resources Stewardship Marty Kranabetter  PDF  Video 04/28/2021
Forest Management Jodi Axelson  PDF  Video 04/21/2021
Climate Change Vanessa Foord  PDF  Video 04/14/2021
Overview and History Francesco Cortini  PDF  Video 04/07/2021

CCFM Climate Change – Accelerating Informed Mitigation And Adaptation Actions For Sustainable Forest Management

Impact of Harvested Wood Products Consumption Strategies on BC’s GHG Emissions Sheng H. Xie, Postdoc  PDF  Video 03/25/2021
Québec Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation Patrick Lavoie  PDF   PDF  Video 03/18/2021
Comparative Analysis of Climate Change Mitigation Options for British Columbia Dr. Carolyn Smyth  PDF   PDF  Video 03/11/2021
The Forest will Burn – Integration of Fire Management, the Bio-economy, and Indigenous Management Charles Friesen Media  Video 03/04/2021
How Can We Realize Wood Product Substitution Benefits? Christina Howard  PDF   PDF  Video 02/25/2021
The Forest Mitigation-Adaptation Nexus: Economic Benefits of Novel Planting Regimes Dr. Caren Dymond  PDF   PDF  Video 02/18/2021
Business Case for Forestry Adaptation Dr. Sheri Andrews-Key  PDF   PDF  Video 02/11/2021

The Canadian Forest Service Research To Support Climate Change – Winter 2021

Improving Forest Resilience to Climate Change and Extremes with Genetics Miriam Isaac-Renton  PDF Video 03/03/2021
Bringing Short-Rotation Woody Crops Full Circle: Exploring the Development of Ways and Means to Effectively Establish, Manage and Recover Value from Plantations under High-Yield Afforestation Management Regimes in Canada Derek Sidders, Tim Keddy PDF  Video 03/03/2021
Using Genomics to Understand Bark Beetle Adaptations to Climate and Host Affecting their Distribution and Dynamics Christopher Keeling  Video 02/17/2021
Combining Climate Change Impacts on Stand Growth with Wood Supply Analysis and Forest Carbon Management in Newfoundland – A Hybrid Modeling Approach to Assess Adaptive Forest Management Strategies Xinbiao Zhu, Robert LeBlanc PDF  Video 02/10/2021
Blurred Lines: Building Trajectories of Forest Recovery in Seismic Lines Caren Jones  Video 02/03/2021
Using Science to Inform Species at Risk Management: Wood Turtle Response to Forest Harvest Damien Mullin, Christopher Edge, and Deanna McCullum  Video 01/27/2021

Special E-lecture Series: A Novel Control Of Buckthorn On The Landscape

A Novel Control of Buckthorn on the Landscape Allison Winmill, MScF, R.P.F.  Video 01/26/2021

Elevating Yourself, Your Colleagues, Your Organization – Making Change Happen

Let’s Stomp on Eggshells: Together We Can Rise Above the Hurdles of Workplace Diversity Tanya Wick  PDF  Video 10/28/2020
From Engineering Pioneer to Mill Manager – One Woman’s Professional Adventure Marie Cyr PDF  Video 10/21/2020
Your Future, Your Terms Kevin Edgson PDF  Video 10/14/2020
Taking Steps to Advance Your Career: The Unconventional and Tangible Things People Don’t Tell You Jacqueline (Jacquie) LaRocque PDF  Video 10/07/2020
Women in Wood– Lessons Learned Lacey Rose and Jessica Kaknevicius PDF Video 09/30/2020

Showcasing Canadian Forest Service Research During National Forest Week

Invasive Alien Forest Pathogens and the Live Plant Trade – a Threat to Forest Health Joey Tanney & Simon Shamoun  PDF  Video 09/25/2020
Scientific Considerations and Challenges for Addressing Cumulative Effects in Forest Landscapes in Canada Lisa Venier PDF Video 09/24/2020
Climate Change Impacts on Eastern Canada’s Forests: Impacts on Forest Landscapes and Biodiversity (EN)(Audio Only) Yan Boulanger PDF  Audio 09/23/2020
Climate Change Impacts on Eastern Canada’s Forests: Impacts on Forest Landscapes and Biodiversity (FR)(Video)  Yan Boulanger PDF Video
Advancing Mass Timber Construction in Canada Mohammad Mohammad PDF  Video 09/22/2020

L’Application Et L’Innovation Du Lidar Aérien Et Terrestre En Foresterie

L’utilisation du lidar terrestre en foresterie de précision Jean-François Côté  PDF  Video 02/11/2020
Développements récents de l’utilisation du LiDAR aérien en appui à la pratique forestière Alexis Achim  PDF Video 02/25/2020

Science For Emerging Issues In Forestry – Winter 2020

Using Science to Inform Species at Risk Management: Wood Turtle Response to Forest Harvest Christopher Edge, Damien Mullin & Deanna McCullum 03/25/2020
Development of Soft Tailings Reclamation Technologies to Create Stable and Sustainable Boreal Landscape Dani Degenhardt 03/18/2020
Estimating the Risk of Wildfire for Woodland Caribou Habitat Eric W. Neilson  PDF  Video 03/11/2020
Canadian Forest Service Tree-Ring Database (CFS-TRenD): Overview and Applications Juha Metsaranta  PDF Video 03/04/2020
Innovative Approaches and Novel Tools to Address Invasive and Emerging Threats to Canadian Forests Gwylim Blackburn & Joey Tanney  PDF Video 02/26/2020
Reassessment of the Threat of Eastward Spread of Mountain Pine Beetle in Canada Katherine Bleiker  PDF  Video 02/19/2020
BudCam: Artificial Intelligence and First Nations as the Cornerstones of a Canadian Tree Phenology Network David L. P. Correia  PDF  Video 02/12/2020
A Legacy of Applied R&D Technical Development and Innovation Derek Sidders  PDF  Video 02/05/2020
Research Revisited: Co-Creation of Knowledge Between Scientific Researchers and Indigenous Communities Patrice Bellefleur  PDF  Video 01/29/2020
Historic Impact of Science at Petawawa Steve D’eon PDF Video 01/22/2020

« Innovation En Foresterie Urbaine : Du Municipal À L’international » Organisée Par La Société Internationale D’arboriculture Québec »

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Une perspective internationale sur la foresterie urbaine et le verdissement urbain Simone Borelli  PDF Video 11/27/2019

« An Update On Canadian Forestry Applications Of Lidar And Digital Photogrammetry. The Aware Experience. » In Collaboration With The Aware Project

Digital Photogrammetric Applications to Enhanced Forest Inventory Tristan Goodbody, Adam Dick, Chris Mulverhill & Joanne White  PDF Video 10/30/2019
Assessing Non-Timber Values Using LIDAR and Advanced Remote Sensing Data Richard Fournier, Kaysandra Waldron, Chris Mulverhill, Christopher Bater, Sam Herniman, Catherine Frizzle and Alexis Achim  PDF  Video 10/23/2019
New LIDAR Technologies on the Horizon – SPL and Multi-Spectral LIDAR Jean-Francois Prieur, Martin Queinnec, Grant McCartney, Joanne White & Ian Sinclair  PDF  Video 10/16/2019
Digital Soil Mapping in New Brunswick Paul Arp, Shane Furze & Greg Adams  PDF  Video  10/02/2019
The AWARE Project: Results and Outcomes Nicholas Coops PDF Video 09/25/2019

« An Early Intervention Strategy For Spruce Budworm In Atlantic Canada » In Collaboration With Healthy Forest Partnership

Early Intervention Strategy for Spruce Budworm: Does it Work? Can we do it More Efficiently? Dr. Sara Edwards  Video  04/17/2019
Ecological Impacts of Using Early Intervention to Control Spruce Budworm Dr. Michael Stastny & Dr. Véronique Martel PDF  Video 04/10/2019
Communications and Outreach – Important Pillars for a Successful Program Chris Norfolk & Emily Owens PDF  Video 04/03/2019
Operational Requirements for a Successful Early Intervention Strategy Drew Carleton, Luke Amos-Binks & Andrew Morrison  PDF  Video 03/27/2019
A Conceptual Framework for the Spruce Budworm Early Intervention Strategy Dr. Rob Johns  PDF  Video  03/20/2019
Spruce Budworm – Why do we Care and Management Alternatives Dr. David MacLean PDF Video 03/13/2019

« This Landbase Is Not Passive – Connecting Boreal Wetlands To Forest Management » In Collaboration With Wetland Bmp Knowledge Exchange And Ducks Unlimited Canada

Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands: Strategies and Methods Michael Merchant  PDF Video 02/21/2019
Wetlands and Forestry:  Highlights of a Regulatory Review – Ont to BC. Jeremy Beal, RPF  PDF  Video  02/14/2019
Conservation of Boreal Wetlands: Policy Considerations & Manitoba Example Mr. Trent Hreno PDF  Video 02/14/2019
Hot Hot Peat! Managing boreal peatland wildfires in an era of climate change Mike Waddington PDF Video 02/07/2019
Impact of Resource Extraction on Canada’s Boreal Peatlands Dr. Maria Strack PDF Video 01/31/2019
Wetland Ecosystem Services in Canada’s Boreal Forest: Managing for Multiple Values Marcel Darveau & Kylie McLeod  PDF  Video  01/24/2019
The Role of Wetlands in Forests and Forest Management Bev Gingras & Kylie McLeod PDF Video 01/17/2019

« The Canadian Forest Service Forest Science Providing Real Solutions » In Collaboration With The Canadian Forest Service

Applying Wood Ash Waste to Soil: Contributing to Sustainable Forest Management in Canada Paul Hazlett & Caroline Emilson  PDF  Video 02/27/2019
Remote Sensing of Canada’s Forest Properties: an Invaluable Toolbox to Answer Key Forest Science Questions André Beaudoin  PDF Video 02/20/2019
Genomic Tools to Prevent Accidental Introductions of Forest Invasive Alien Species: the Case of the Asian Gypsy Moth Michel Cusson PDF Video 02/13/2019
The Exploration of the Innovation Potential of Single-Photon LiDAR for Ontario’s eFRI Murray Woods & Ian Sinclair PDF Video 02/06/2019
Enhanced Forest Inventory (EFI) Adoption in New Brunswick: Progress to Date and Future Directions Adam Dick PDF Video 01/30/2019
Implementation of Fast-Growing Trees for Municipal Wastewater Treatment – Municipalities find Waste Management Solutions and Wood Biomass Production Opportunities Richard Krygier PDF Video 01/23/2019
An Economic Analysis of Controlling Root and Butt rot Disease, Including its Effects on Carbon Storage in Southern British Columbia Mike Cruickshank & Bryan Bogdanski PDF Video 01/16/2019
Optimization of the Steering Treatment of Hardwood Stands under the Selection System Jean-Martin Lussier  PDF  Video 1/09/2019
Using paleoecological records to examine fire regime change and characterise fire disturbance in a drinking water reservoir Kendrick Brown & Nicholas Hebda  PDF  Video 12/12/2018
Phytosanitary Research and Collaboration: Contributing to Safe Trade of Forest Products Globally  Meghan Noseworthy  PDF  Video  12/05/2018
Burn Plan Framework Development – Re-establishing Indigenous Cultural Burning Practices to Mitigate Risk from Wildfire and Drought  Amy Christianson, Jeff Eustache, Darrick Andrews & Natasha Caverley  PDF  Video  11/28/2018
An Early Intervention Strategy for Spruce Budworm in Atlantic Canada  Derek MacFarlane & Kevin Porter  PDF Video  11/21/2018
Silviculture Toolkit – how CFS Research is Being Adopted by the Oil and Gas Industry Katalijn MacAfee, Jaime Pinzon, Martin Blank, and Anna Dabros  PDF  Video 11/07/2018
Tactical Wildfire Mapping in Canada  Joshua Johnston  PDF Video  10/31/2018
Impact of CFS Science on the Forest Sector Rory Gilsenan  PDF  Video 10/24/2018

« The Science Of Vegetation Management In Forestry » In Collaboration With

Glyphosate – Understanding the issues: Resolving the Controversy Leonard Ritter  Video 07/24/2018
Environmental risk of glyphosate use in Canadian forestry Christopher Edge  PDF  Video 07/17/2018
Forest Management on Crown Lands in New Brunswick Chris B. Ward PDF Video 07/12/2018
Vegetation Management: Role and Challenges in Forest Renewal Nelson Thiffault PDF Video 07/12/2018

 « Innovative Solutions To Respond To The Challenges Of A Changing Climate 2018 Winter » In Collaboration With The Canadian Forest Service

Canada’s Forests and the Bioeconomy – Potential Solutions to Climate Change Suzanne Wetzel et al.  PDF  Video English  French 02/28/2018
Maximizing Wood Fibre Growth and Quality in a Changing Climate Isabelle Duchesne, Jim Stewart et al.  PDF Video 02/21/2018
Connecting Future Fibre Supply to Genetics, Silviculture and a Changing Climate Patrick Lenz et al.  PDF  Video English  French 02/14/2018
Research and Application of Enhanced Forest Inventory across Canada Steve D’eon et al. PDF Video 02/07/2018
Can Silviculture Solutions Mitigate the Timber Supply Impacts Resulting from Climate Change Jean-Martin Lussier et al. PDF Video English  French  01/31/2018
Petawawa Research Forest – Using 100 Years of Research to Combat Climate Change Guy Smith et al. PDF Video English  French 01/24/2018
Developing decision support tools and models for adaptation to climate change in forest ecosystems Guy LaRocque PDF Video 01/17/2018
Projecting impacts of climate change on reclaimed forest in the mineable oil sands Hedvig Nenzen PDF Video 01/10/2018

« Innovative Solutions To Respond To The Challenges Of A Changing Climate 2017 Fall » In Collaboration With The Canadian Forest Service

Climate Change and Tree Growth: Some Forests Fare Better than Others! Martin P. Girardin PDF Video 12/06/2017
Developing Applications to Bring Forest Research to Life Derek Sidders PDF Video English  French 11/29/2017
Incorporating Changing Climate in Ecological Models: Feedback, Reversals and Surprises Abound! Eliot McIntire PDF Video 11/22/2017
Assisted Migration as a Tool for Climate Change Adaptation John Pedlar PDF Video 11/15/2017
Recent Decline of Aspen and White Spruce in Drought-Affected Areas of Western Canada Ted Hogg PDF Video 11/08/2017
Wildfire Evacuation Experiences: The Case of Sandy Lake First Nation, Northern Ontario Amy Christianson and Henok W. Asfaw PDF Video 11/01/2017
Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in the Forest Sector Carolyn Smyth PDF Video 10/25/2017
Latest CFS Research Supporting Forest Sector Climate Change Adaptation Rik Van Bogaert and Miren Lorente PDF Video 10/18/2017

Excellence and Innovation in Operational Block Planning Workshop Posters

Introduction Dean Caron, and Dana Collins PDF
Forest Planning Toolbox Francis Charette PDF
Operational Planning John Bastone PDF
Costs and Benefits of Using LiDAR for Forest Operations Matt Kurowski PDF
Taming Drones for Forestry Denis Cormier, and Udaya Vepakomma PDF
Forest Road Restoration: The Challenge of Changing Expectations Dave McNabb PDF
Airbourne Remote Sensing Applications in Forestry Laird Van Damme PDF
Using SkyForest for Operational Planning Al Foley PDF
FPDat Showcase Project Dean Caron, and John Bastone PDF
FPInnovations Forest Operations Capacity Building Overview Dean Caron PDF

Seismic Line Restoration Technical Session Presentation Recording

Excellence and Innovation in Operational Block Planning Workshop Posters

2nd Annual Cross Country EFI Update January, 2017 Various PDF
Assessment of Wood Attributes using Remote Sensing January, 2017 Curtis Marr PDF
EFI Update – Western Update January, 2017 Joanne White and Mike Wulder PDF
EFI Update – The Ontario Region Program January, 2017 Doug Pitt and Murray Woods PDF
EFI Update – Provincial LIDAR Acquisition in Quebec January, 2017 PDF
EFI Update – Newfoundland Update January, 2017 Joan Luther and Richard Fournier PDF
EFI Update – New Brunswick Update January, 2017 PDF
1st Annual Cross Country EFI Update January 18, 2016 Various  PDF Video
IEA Bioenergy: Mobilizing Sustainable Bioenergy Supply Chains February 25, 2016 Tat Smith PDF Video