La bourse James S. Miller est remise chaque année à un étudiant du nord de l’Ontario qui a l’intention de poursuivre des études post-secondaires en ressources naturelles ou dans un domaine relié à celles-ci.


Jim Miller passed away in the high country along Lake Superior’s north shore. Like the white pine swaying in the winds that sweep that land, Jim stands tall, leaving a lasting impression on hearts and minds of the many who knew him.

He touched people in ways only they can tell: his smile beaming like the sun; his laughter a swelling stream; his attentive listening, examining eyes, and quick response like any of the creatures he watched, studied and loved. His care encompassed the young and the old, those who thought the way he did and those with different points of view. They all mattered to Jim, because he could see they all mattered to the earth we share.

A life can live on in others; inspiration spreads like seeds carried on summer winds; dreams take root beneath nurturing branches. Often the way ahead is illuminated by those who have walked before us, taking trails we can follow into the depths of forests, opening to new land we can claim for our own. The lasting memories of Jim help us see possibilities and opportunities, and the people we can become.


The James S. Miller Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who intends to pursue post-secondary education in natural resources or a related field – a pursuit that Jim saw as so critical to present and future generations. Recipients will be from Northern Ontario – the part of this world that held such a special place in Jim’s heart, and where he spent his career making a difference. Demonstrated desire and commitment, not academic marks, will be decisive factors in selecting recipients – a reflection of Jim’s ability to sense the potential in others.


For more information and to apply, please visit the Forests Ontario website, here.