Gender Equity in Canada’s Forest Sector Initiative

Gender Equity in
Canada's Forest Sector Initiative

The Gender Equity in Forestry National Action Plan initiative was launched in November 2018 by the Canadian Institute of Forestry in collaboration with the Centre for Social Intelligence. 

This is Canada’s first public-private funded national gender equity project and it aims to create a diverse and inclusive work force that provides the foundation for a thriving forest sector and healthy communities.

To contribute to this vision, the initiative’s Steering Committee – made up of gender champions from government, industry, academia, indigenous, and non-profit organizations – are working collaboratively across the forest sector to engage, attract, retain and advance women.

This three-year project will involve the creation of a National Action Plan that will promote gender equity across Canada's forest sector.

Did you know?

Data from Statistics Canada in 2017 reveals that women make up roughly 17% of the natural resources workforce, with the largest gender gaps in trades positions, as well as executive level positions and seats on Boards.  

Steering Committee & Participating Organizations

  • Association of B.C. Forest Professionals
  • Natural Resources Canada - Canadian Forest Service
  • Canadian Institute of Forestry
  • Centre for Social Intelligence
  • Forest Products Association of Canada
  • Lakehead University
  • Meadow Lake Tribal Council Industrial Investments
  • National Aboriginal Forestry Association
  • Resolute Forest Products
  • Statistics Canada
  • Strategic Natural Resource Consultants
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Tolko
  • University of Moncton
  • University of Saskatchewan

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