About The Section

Maritimes Section

The Maritimes Section incorporates the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The Mission of the CIF-IFC is to advance the stewardship of Canada’s forest resources, provide national leadership in forestry, promote competence among forestry professionals, and foster public awareness of Canadian and International forestry issues.

Our Objectives

To ensure our members know and adhere to the Mission by developing local programs and activities to enhance the appreciation of Section and National activities as they seek to promote leadership in forestry and public understanding of important issues that are constantly before the public and profession.

What We Do

We develop local programs and activities to enhance the appreciation of Section and National activities.

Council Members

Director/Chair Ed Czerwinski (
Vice Chair James Broom (
Treasurer Susan Willis (
Communication/Event Specialist Storm Robinson (
Councillor at Large (1 of 4) James Farrell (
Councillor at Large (2 of 4) Anne LeBrun-Ruff
Grad Student Rep (2) VACANT
Undergrad Rep (1 of 2) Nathan Tremblett (UNB) (
College Rep (2) VACANT


Upcoming Section Events

2023 Northern Hardwood Conference

2023 Northern Hardwood Conference Bridging Science and Management for the Future Northern hardwood forests occupy millions of hectares in the eastern United States and Canada, representing one of the most economically important and ecologically diverse forests in eastern North America. Northern hardwood silviculture is diverse and complex as well and has been the focus of […]



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If you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact our Section Director/Chair directly.

Ed Czerwinski