Notre Exécutif national et notre Conseil d’administration

Exécutif national de l’IFC-CIF

L’exécutif de l’IFC-CIF (le président, le vice-président, le 2e vice vice-président et le président sortant) encadre le conseil d’administration de l’IFC-CIF et supervise les opérations, les principales décisions, les besoins et les préoccupations de l’IFC-CIF.


About Brad

Brad Epp has been a member of the CIF-IFC for over 25 years and his passion for the profession keeps growing! He believes that passion stems from the Institute and wants to ensure this continues into the future. Manitoba has always been a small section and over the years has lost many forestry professionals to retirement and opportunities outside of the province. However he has refused to give up and works each year to pull an executive together and provide their members with value and promote forestry throughout Manitoba. Brad is entering his tenth year on the National Board of Directors and feels this gives him a very unique and valuable perspective. During this time he has seen the organization face many challenges and have many successes. He has sat on several committees (marketing, membership, HAMPCO) and has been part of developing and implementing several strategic plans. He has learned and is in awe of the CIF-IFC long and impressive history. He also realizes that organizations like this can not stay stationary but to be successful need to continually respond to the changing world. Brad has worked closely with the current President and the 2nd Vice President and feels they could be an effective team. He is looking forward to the challenges the CIF-IFC is facing but more importantly the opportunity to continuing their vision to inspire confidence and pride in Canadian forestry – nationally and internationally!
Vice President

About Doug

Doug has been an active member of the CIF since 2006, when he was warmly welcomed by the Northwestern Ontario Section as a new guy in town. Doug is the Boreal Silviculture Research Scientist at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research. His research work has covered a broad range of topics from tree physiology to caribou habitat interactions, and currently focuses on remote sensing approaches to monitoring regeneration and silviculture. Doug served as Chair and Director of his Section between 2010 and 2018 and has been an active member of the National Membership Committee since 2017, acting as co-chair with the current Past President for the last two years.

Doug’s involvement in the CIF, through organizing and participating in events and workshops, has allowed him to experience many informative and exciting interactions with other members of our profession from a wide range of backgrounds. These interactions are critical to developing professional and personal relationships within the local community of forest practitioners, as well as across Canada. Doug believes strongly in the Institute and has been happy to volunteer his time whenever opportunities arise to bring people together who have a shared interest in forestry and forest management.

Doug has also been fortunate to get to know many young professionals through his CIF involvement as they worked through their academic programs and moved on to challenging and exciting careers in forestry and forest science. These people are the future of our Institute, and now more than ever Doug is committed to working to improve how we connect with students and young professionals. They will be responsible for sustainably managing our Canadian forests for many years to come. Meaningful efforts to improve retention of current members and recruitment of new members are key priorities Doug plans to continue working on. Together, we will find new and better ways to provide meaningful value to forest practitioners from across the many disciplines involved in managing forests sustainably.

2nd Vice President

About Loni

Loni has proudly been a member of the CIF for over a decade. She started out as a student liaison for the Vancouver Island Section while in school to be a forest technician. In Ontario she became the secretary and then chair of the Central Ontario Section (COS). She has sat on various committees, including the National Awards Committee and the Forestry Chronicle Task Force, and worked diligently to take the National Conference to the COS prior to its cancellation due to COVID-19.

In addition to her volunteering, she also worked at CIF headquarters in Mattawa where she observed and participated in the daily workings of the national office. After her internship completed, she was one of the first forest technicians hired under the newly created CIF-SEEK. During this time, she became aware that most parties (industry, academia, NGOs, Indigenous) want the same thing (sustainable forestry that provides value to stakeholders) but never seem to be speaking the same language. She completed a bachelor’s degree in professional communications as a way of positioning herself to bridge this gap.

Outside of the CIF, Loni has spent most of her time working in the public service. She has been fortunate enough to work for Natural Resources Canada, Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and BC’s Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development. As with many professionals in the sector, her career has comprised a series of contracts, extensions, and acting assignments. Loni has recently returned to Vancouver and is a new member of that section.

Past President

About Richard

Richard Dominy moved to central Alberta from the United Kingdom at 5 years of age. He studied Forestry at the University of Alberta and returned to complete his MBA / MF degrees in Edmonton in 1999.

He relocated to British Columbia in 1981, commencing his career with the BC Forest Service in Cranbrook. He has worked in most operational forestry disciplines spanning a 36 year career – from Invermere to Prince George and finally to Victoria in 2008.

He is passionate about community service having spent time with the Royal Canadian Legion, the Kinsmen Club of Canada, and President of the Strawberry-Vale Community Association in Saanich (a municipality of Greater Victoria). Currently Richard is President of the BC Forest History Association. Richard has also been a longstanding CIF-IFC member; his passion for the CIF-IFC started during his undergraduate at the University of Alberta with the Rocky Mountain Section, and continued as an active member while working in British Columbia, before becoming Director and Chair of the Vancouver Island Section.

In his free time Richard loves and is passionate for the outdoors and the environment. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, and has a great affinity for horses and dogs. He loves to travel, has large circle of friends worldwide, and is currently transitioning to a new phase in life of retirement.

Conseil d’administration de l’IFC-CIF

Le conseil d’administration de l’IFC-CIF est composé de représentants de nos 19 sections régionales de tout le pays, et d’une section internationale. Le conseil d’administration apporte des conseils à l’exécutif et soumet régulièrement des questions, des idées et des préoccupations visant à répondre aux besoins des membres de l’IFC-CIF et des secteurs des forêts et des ressources naturelles au Canada.

Île de Vancouver

Directrice : Margaret Symon
Présidente : Jillian MacDonald
Co-présidente : Corey Mathieson

Vancouver – côte sud

Directeur : Brian Boswell
Président: Bill Bourgeois


Directrice : Rebecca Bowler
Président: Nicholas Dormaar

Thompson Okanagan




Montagnes rocheuses

Directrice : Bev Wilson
Président :
Hudson Foley 


Directrice : Lorne Renouf
Présidente : Jessica Randall


Directeur : Brad Epp
Présidente : Tiana Ross

Sud de l’Ontario

Directeur : Terry Schwan

Vallée de l’Outaouais

Directeur :Jim Farrell
Président: Ken Farr


Directeur :Glen Prevost
Présidente : Allison Winmill

Centre de l’Ontario

Directeur : Trevor Jones
Président : Bob Elliott

Nord-ouest de l’Ontario

Directeur : Brian Campbell
Président : Ryan Wilkie

Nord de l’Ontario

Directeur : Jim Duncan
Président : Rob Galloway

Lac des bois

Directrice : Janet Lane
Président : Julie Edwards


Directeur : Pierre Fontaine


Directeur/Président : Ed Czerwinski
Vice-Président : James Broom


Président : Joseph Bowden
1st Vice-Président : Andrew Penney

Internationale – U.K.

Directeur : Geraint Richards