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Programme des membres corporatifs bienfaiteurs

L’IFC-CIF a pour mission d’assurer un leadership national en matière de foresterie et d’intendance des forêts, de promouvoir la compétence des praticiens de la forêt et de favoriser la sensibilisation et l’éducation du public aux questions forestières canadiennes et internationales.

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Program Partners

The CIF-IFC works with a large network of partners in the forest sector to support the delivery of programming and events that benefit the forest sector.

These programs and events promote knowledge exchange and transfer bringing up-to-date science, research, tools and practices to forest practitioners and professionals across Canada.

Thank you to our program partners!

Partenaires de plantation

Merci à nos partenaires qui se consacrent à planter des arbres partout au Canada et à cultiver un avenir plus vert !

Learn more about the Tree Planting Programs here.

CIF Recognized Forestry Programs

One of the Institute’s objectives is to welcome individuals to the profession of forestry. Since 1967 we have presented Silver Rings to graduating students from CIF/IFC recognized Canadian forestry programs.  These recognized forestry programs fulfill a set of criteria and meet standards that will set students up for success in the forestry profession.

Click here for recognized University forestry programs.

Click here for recognized College and Technical School forestry programs.

Professional Forestry Associations

We work closely with Canada’s provincial forestry associations to help provide national leadership in forestry and to promote competency amongst forestry professionals. Professional forestry associations are responsible for licensing and regulating the practise of forestry in their designated province.