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Check out our infographics on a variety of topics including Canada’s Model Forests, wood fibre characteristics, genomics and enhanced forest inventory.


Forestry contributes significantly to Canada’s economy. Preventing the spread of invasive species will help protect our forest industry. Check out the “Economic Impacts of Invasive Species to Canada’s Forest Sector” fact sheet brought to you by the CIF-IFC and Invasive Species Centre.

Canada’s Forests Teaching Kit Series

Newly revamped! This series of eight kits are available in English and French and provides teachers and educators with tools and resources to help young minds understand the value of forests and the importance of their sustainable use.

Lesson Plans

Through our lesson plans, students will explore the nature of the carbon cycle and its relationship to different processes within the forest, and the importance of sustainable forest management practices, along with the Model Forest concept.

National Forest Week

Each year NFW is celebrated across Canada inviting individuals to learn more about Canada’s forest heritage and to raise awareness about this valuable and renewable resource. Explore our contests and activity sheets to help you celebrate NFW in your neck of the woods!

Careers in Forestry

Interested in learning more about a career in forestry? Through online profiles, we have featured a number of CIF-IFC members in order to provide students with an insight into the dynamic and diverse career opportunities that exist within Canada’s forest sector. Find a snapshot of potential career paths in forestry through our Careers in Forestry Resource Sheet.

Forest Advocacy

As the voice of forest practitioners, we promote forests as a valuable, renewable, and sustainable resource through a variety of multimedia products and “Speaking Out” pieces, such as media releases, blog posts, editorials, information bulletins, and social media.

Petawawa Research Forest Virtual Tour

Explore the oldest research forest in Canada from the comfort of your workplace or home! The PRF Virtual Tour showcases 8 study sites, each with a wealth of information.

Free to Grow in Forestry

We’re working to make sure that there is room for everyone in forestry. The Free to Grow in Forestry initiative aims to create a diverse and inclusive work force that provides the foundation for a thriving forest sector and healthy communities.

NEW Forest Education Network

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Teachers’ Forestry Tours

Calling all educators and teachers! Interested in learning more about forestry and the forest sector? Join us for a Forestry Teachers’ Tour!

Forestry Teachers’ Tours are meant to provide a valuable professional development opportunity for teachers and educators, through a mix of presentations and hands-on learning in the field.

Bring forestry back to the classroom

Each tour will include an opportunity to:

  • Meet professionals and practitioners in the field of forest science, research and management
  • Visit forestry operations and/or product mills

Various key themes will be highlighted including:

  • Basic forestry concepts
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Indigenous participation in forestry/traditional ecological knowledge
  • The links between forests and climate change

Coming to your neck of the woods!

With funding in part from the Government of Canada, the CIF-IFC will be hosting and coordinating Teachers’ Forestry Tours, in collaboration with interested CIF-IFC Sections.

Keep up to date on upcoming CIF-IFC Teachers’ Forestry Tours that are being planned across Canada!

Canada’s Forest Sector

Canada’s forests provide a wide range of  environmental, economic, social, cultural and health benefits to Canadians.


The forest sector is a major pillar of the economy, contributing about $25.2 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020.

Based on the 2016 Census, it was found that over 70% of Indigenous populations reside in, or in close proximity to forests.

According to 2020 statistics, 184,000 people worked in the forest sector.

The forest sector alone generated $25.2 billion of revenue in 2020.

The value of Canadian forest product exports amounted to $33.1 billion in 2020.

There are three main forest industry subsectors:
Solid wood product manufacturing

Businesses in this area create:

  • Softwood lumber and structural panels
  • Millwork and engineered wood products

These products are manufactured for domestic consumption and export.

Pulp and paper product manufacturing

Companies in this area produce an array of products including:

  • Newsprint and household tissues
  • Dissolving pulp for rayon production

This subsector made up approximately one third of the forest sector portion of the Canadian economy in 2013.

Forestry and logging

 This area encompasses field operations and harvesting of timber, including:

  • Harvesting of trees
  • Transportation

The industry is growing and there is increasing demand for innovative wood based products,  providing opportunities for the forest sector to create value and advance Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy.chemicals.

One of the most exciting elements of this transformation has been the new and innovative products, materials and services being produced in Canada’s forest sector, which include:

  • New building materials;
  • Biofuels that can substitute fossil fuels;
  • Biochemicals used to produce pharmaceuticals and
  • Biodegradable plastics, personal care products and industrial chemicals.

Check out some of the innovative products that are made by the forest sector here.

Forests provide Canadians with a wealth of benefits beyond jobs and income including habitat for biodiversity, reduce erosion to prevent flooding, provide shade, and non-timber products such as nuts, berries, mushrooms, medicine, etc., and a variety of products you use everyday. They also provide sanctuaries of spiritual meaning for many Canadians and Indigenous people.

Sustainable Forest Management

Canada is a world leader in sustainable forest management using innovative approaches to tackle challenges and changes that are taking place in our forests including climate change, pests, and the increase in wildfires and other large-scale weather events. Canada’s forest professionals and practitioners work to ensure our forests are conserved and renewed for future generations.

Explore the profiles of CIF-IFC members to learn their career pathways and how they are contributing to the advancement of Canada’s forest sector!


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