Innovations in Lidar Acquisition and Implementation to Improve Operation Efficiency and Fibre Supply Precision

In November 2019 and January 2020, the CIF-IFC and FPInnovations hosted 4 successful workshops on “Innovations in Lidar Acquisition and Implementation to Improve Operation Efficiency and Fibre Supply Precision” in northwestern and northeastern Ontario.

These one-day workshops focused on recent innovations in LiDAR acquisitions and technologies, such as Single Photon LiDAR, for use in forest management practices.

Through technical presentations by speakers from across Canada, participants gained an understanding of current LiDAR practices, products and technologies and learn their value in natural resource planning.

A special thanks to FPInnovations for co-hosting these workshops with us.

Another thank you to the workshop supporters: Forestry Futures Trust Ontario, Natural Resources Canada, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.



Presenter Affiliation Presentation

Craig Robinson, RPF (BC, ON)

Sr. Project Manager/Analyst, Forsite

Examples Of LiDAR Use In Western Canada in Forestry and Forest Operations

Jean-Philippe Gaudreau, ing.f.

Chercheur, Approvisionnement en Fibre/Researcher, Fibre Supply, FPInnovations

Case Study – Quebec Experience with LiDAR In Forest Operations

Grant McCartney, MSA Forest Information Systems Coordinator, Chief Foresters Group – Ontario, Rayonier Advanced Materials Forest Management Remote Sensing Applications for Strategic and Operational Forestry
Murray Woods Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (Retired) Seeing the Forest Floor through the Trees – an evaluation of SPL’s ability to measure ground elevation 
 Murray Woods  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (Retired) Exploring the Innovation Potential of Single Photo LiDAR for enhancing Ontario’s Forest Inventories

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