Practitioners Forum: Strategies To Advance Sustainable Forests

On February 25, 2021, the CIF-IFC National Office, in collaboration with the Cariboo and Rocky Moutain Sections, hosted a virtual forum titled “Practitioners Forum: Strategies to Advance Sustainable Forests”.

This knowledge exchange event was designed to connect relevant forest practitioners while facilitating the dissemination of current research and technologies within the two following research areas relevant to British Columbia and Alberta:

  1. Characterization of forest biomass to better support the bioeconomy; and
  2. Growth and yield of trees under global change and adaptive silviculture.

The Forum had over 100 registrants and featured a combination of presentations from local and national experts focusing on the two topic areas above, and involved moderated group discussions amongst participants.

This event was made possible by a financial contribution from: Natural Resources Canada.

Thank you to all of our Forum participants, speakers, moderators and supporters!


Access the Forum Summary of Discussions Here! (English version)’

Access the Forum Summary of Discussions Here! (French version)


Forum Presentations

Presenter Affiliation Presentation
Phil Comeau, Ph.D, P.Ag. University of Alberta Including Climate in the Mixedwood Growth Model

Please note: Only presentations of those who granted permission to be shared will be posted here. The above table will be updated as we receive permission.