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International Forestry Network

The International Forestry Network recognizes the deep connection to and interest in Canadian forestry practices and how the significant opportunities and challenges for the forest sector go beyond national boundaries.

What We Do

The International Forestry Network will provide a forum in which science and practice from around the globe can be shared in order to grasp these opportunities and address these challenges.

Members of the International Forestry Network must reside outside of Canada and not be affiliated with an existing Section of the Institute.

Council Members

Members will be represented by the Head of the International Forestry Network who will act in an advisory role at meetings of the Institute’s Board of Directors.

Head Geraint Richards ( )


Get Involved

2024 Post-Conference Tour: United Kingdom Forestry & Woodlot Tour

POST-CONFERENCE TOUR United Kingdom Forestry & Woodlot Tour September 23-28, 2024 Hosted as the Post-Conference Tour for the 2024 CIF-IFC National Conference & 116th Annual General Meeting. Continue your travels from Newfoundland & Labrador and join us for a Forestry & Woodlot Tour in the United Kingdom! Itinerary: Explore the diverse woodlands that the UK has […]


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If you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact our Network Head directly.