Post-Conference Tour

Following the conference, an optional tour will conclude the week’s events on Friday September 30th. This tour will include a shuttle to Winnipeg, Manitoba  from Kenora, Ontario and will include stops at Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre, and Pineland Forest Nursery.

Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre:

Tour participants will have the opportunity to visit one of Manitoba’s hidden gems, the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre. The Centre has been in operation since 1957, and since then has sandilandsbeen dedicated to educating students and the public on forests and their sustainable management. The Centre is comprised of a small museum, a historic forest ranger cabin, tree planting train car, a replica fire detection tower, and various interpretive trails throughout the forest.

The Centre is located in the southeast area of Manitoba which has the longest history of forestry activity in the province. Tour participants will be taken around the Centre’s historical buildings, which tell many interesting stories of the province’s forest industry throughout the years. If time permits, participants will be taken along the Sagimay Trail, which features beautiful chainsaw carvings in standing dead trees.

For more information about the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre, Click here.


Pineland Forest Nursery:

The other stop will be at Pineland Forest Nursery to tour their various operations, including their new bioenergy system. Pineland provides seedlings and seed services for reforestation programs pinelandacross western Canada, Northwestern Ontario, and the North Central States in the USA. Tour participants will be guided by Trevor Stanley, General Manager of Pineland and speaker at the 2013 CIF/IFC AGM & Conference. Participants will also see a recently established assisted migration trail developed by the University of Winnipeg.

For more information about Pineland Forest Nursery, Click here.