IUFRO Extension and Knowledge Exchange Kenora Presentations.

1) Dean Caron – FPInnovations – Canada “Trees Are The Solution”

Trees Are The Solution IUFRO September 2016

2) Katalijn MacAfee – NRCan – Canada “Knowledge Exchange in the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre: National Scope with Regional Delivery”

KE in the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

3) Karen Bayne – Scion – New Zealand “Reflexive monitoring in New Zealand” and “Reflective Interviewing as means of Peer to Peer Learning”

Reflexive monitoring in NZ

Reflective interviewing

4) J.H. Campbell – Southern Regional Extension Forestry- USA “Building Capacity for Urban Forestry Using the eXtension Network”


5) Dana Collins – Canadian Institute of Forestry – Canada “Success Stories from Canadian Forests: National Collaboration to innovatively Solve Problems in the Forest Sector”


6) Frances McHugh – Teagasc – Ireland “The use of One-to-One Advisory Clinics in the Promotion and support of Afforestation in Ireland”

IUFRO EKE Teagasc Presentation Frances

7) Jonathan Halasz – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – Canada – “Forest Bioeconomy in Ontario – A policy discussion”

Bioeconomy in Ontario_Policy Discussion_Jonathan Halasz

8) Md Sarwar Jahan – BCSIR Laboratories – Bangladesh – “Extension of Forest Products in Bangladesh”


9) Jason Gordon – Mississippi State University – USA – “Into the Woods : Partnering with the Department of Corrections to Deliver Forestry Extension Programming”


10) Nuala NiFhlatharta – Teagasc – Ireland – “Talking Timber – Where Forest Owners Meet the Industry”

IUFRO Kenora September 2016

11) Ray Darwent – NRCan – Canada – “Building a Knowledge Exchange Program”

Building_a_Knowledge_Exchange_Program – Sept 27, 2016 – KENORA

12) Michael Gold – USA – “The Agroforestry Academy – Creating a Knowledge Exchange Network through Joint Natural Resource Professional and  Landowner Education to Enhance Agroforestry Adoption”

Gold – AF Academy

13) Hannah Hemmelgarn – USA – “An Experiential Approach to Agroforestry Education: High School Educator Professional Development”


14) Jim Johnson – Oregon State University – USA – “Relating Extension Education to the Adoption of Sustainable Forest Management Practices”

IUFRO – Johnson-Kenora

15) John Pineau – FPInnovations – Canada – “Research and Technology Transfer Capacity through a Diverse Partnership Network”

IUFRO Pineau – Sept. 29, 2016

16) Maria Iwarsson Wide – Skogforsk – Sweden – “Efficient Forest Fuel Supply (ESS)”

Mia Iwarsson Wide IUFRO EKE Kenora PDF

17) Lisa Hickey – USA – “Extending Education into Food Deserts: Extension goes Mobile with Vegetables Gardening”

2016_IUFRO _Extending Education into Food Deserts

18) Jennifer Evans Fawcett – North Carolina State University – USA – “Increasing Capacity for PRescribed Burning in the U.S. Through Peer-to-Peer Learning”

IUFRO Increasing Capacity for Prescribed Burning

19) Robert Northrup – University of Florida – USA – “Tampa Bay Watershed Forest Working Group”


20) Jordan McDougall – FPInnovations – Dean Caron – FPInnovations – John Bastone – Domtar – Canada “FPDat: Innovative Advancement in Modern Forestry”

FPDat Showcase IUFRO 2016

21) Michel Soucy – Universite de Moncton- Canada – “Increasing the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and training of the forestry workforce with marteloscopes”

IUFRO_Soucy et al_Marteloscopes_v04