Abstract & Paper Submissions


Abstract submission

We welcome abstracts for poster and oral presentations that are contributed to the program for the upcoming working party meeting.  The abstracts will be used to group presentations into sessions of similar content and they will also be collated into the program book for distribution at the meeting.  We would like to receive extended abstracts with an upper limit of 500 words (not including title, authors and author affiliations), and the abstract can also include a figure and citations.  The program booklet does not constitute a publication and therefore will not prevent future submission and publication of work that it is outlined in the abstract.

Please include the following information in the abstract:

  1. Underline the name of the presenting author, and provide contact email address.
  2. Provide address details for all authors.
  3. Indicate whether you would prefer an oral or poster presentation.
  4. Please prepare the abstract using Microsoft Word.
  5. An example of an abstract can be found here. Please submit it named as "LASTNAME_IUFROabstract.doc"
  6. Submit the abstract to this e-mail address:  iufro2017abstracts@gmail.com

The abstract submission deadline is March 15, 2017.  All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee and if there is pressure on time slots for oral presentations, the authors may be offered to make a poster presentation rather than an oral presentation.  Authors will be informed of the review results by April 1, 2017. Requests for Invitation Letters will be considered after abstract submission.

Send requests to iufro2017abstracts@gmail.com along with abstract

Note that there is the possibility of submission of a full manuscript for peer review. See the submission page (https://www.cif-ifc.org/iufrosubmissions) for details, but an abstract is needed for the conference.

Manuscript submission
Publishing in The Forestry Chronicle (impact factor 0.7 to 0.8) is an option. Manuscripts can be submitted to the journal. Instructions for submission can be found here.