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What does the CIF-IFC do?

The Voice of Forest Practitioners

Founded in 1908, the Canadian Institute of Forestry / Institut forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC) is the oldest forest society in Canada representing a broad range of members through its 18 regional Sections located from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. The Institute is dedicated to providing national leadership in forestry and forest stewardship, promoting competency among forest practitioners, and fostering public awareness and education of Canadian and international forest and forestry issues.

Knowledge Exchange and Competency Training

Promoting an understanding of good forest stewardship through field tours, seminars, and workshops

– Advanced Silviculture Courses (Ontario Tree Marking Program)
Bridge Training Program for Foresters
Continuing Forestry Education Credits
– Other knowledge exchange events such as technical sessions, field tours, socials etc. hosted both regionally and nationally

Outreach and Education

Providing resources and programs for teachers, students, forest practitioners and the public

– Outreach Tours (i.e. Teachers’ Tour, Winter Students’ Field Tour)
Forest Education (i.e. Teaching Kits, Infographics)
Forest History
– Member Magazine

Flagship Programs and Initiatives
Forest Advocacy

Promoting forests as a valuable, renewable and sustainable resource.

– Press releases
– Blog posts
– Editorials
– Social media
– Information bulletins
– Other multimedia products and “Speaking Out” pieces

Forests without Borders

Forests without Borders is a registered charity established by the CIF-IFC, working to protect, conserve and restore or improve forest landscapes for health, security, the economy and the environment nationally and internationally.

Sustaining Corporate Member Program

Our Sustaining Corporate Member Program offers your organization the opportunity to join the CIF-IFC network and receive benefits as a valued member of the CIF-IFC community while being recognized as a financial supporter of CIF-IFC objectives.

As the voice of forest practitioners, the CIF-IFC represents foresters, forest technologists and technicians, ecologists, biologists, researchers, educators, students, Indigenous peoples, and more. Organizations that join the CIF-IFC as a Sustaining Corporate Member become part of a diverse and interdisciplinary network of forest practitioners and organizations located across Canada and abroad. The result is a strong collective voice advocating for sustainable forestry and those working in and with forests and forest resources.

CIF-IFC Sustaining Corporate Member organizations show a commitment to advancing sustainable forestry and diversity and inclusion in the forest sector by supporting CIF-IFC programs and initiatives that make a real impact at regional, national and international scales.

Contributions of Sustaining Corporate Members enable the CIF-IFC to carry out its mission of providing national leadership, promoting competence, and fostering public awareness of Canadian and international forestry/forest issues.

Sustaining Corporate Member Benefits

As a not-for-profit organization, the CIF-IFC depends on funding support to serve as the voice of forest practitioners across Canada.

Through the support of Sustaining Corporate Members, the CIF-IFC has developed new products and programs, all of which provide value to members and support national leadership within Canada’s forest sector.

The CIF-IFC Sustaining Corporate Member Program has various membership levels with associated benefits to suit the goals of any organization.

Enhance your organization's reputation by demonstrating support for the forest sector

Financial contributions help bolster and develop innovative CIF-IFC programs, projects and initiatives that support the continued competency of forest practitioners and provide increased awareness of science, research and technologies for the benefit of the forest sector.

Reinforce your organization's image by receiving public recognition for support

The CIF-IFC will publicly recognize your organization as an integral member of the CIF-IFC community by prominently displaying your logo and name on public-facing communication materials and platforms (i.e. website and widely distributed publication materials).

Raise visibility and bring awareness to your organization

Your organization will benefit from exposure to the CIF-IFC’s extensive membership and partner network, including forest practitioners and organizations from across Canada and abroad.

Sustaining Corporate Member Levels


Level 1*


*$1,000+ for not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions 


Level 2



Level 3



Level 4

Contact the CIF-IFC Executive Director at to discuss customized sponsorship options


Sustaining Corporate Member Program Package

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What current Sustaining Corporate Members are saying

“GVs SCM membership has benefitted us and our team by providing a complimentary source of meaningful and educational e-Lectures related to forestry for our professional development. CIF provides frequent e-Lectures that you can sign up for and watch at the low resource cost of a virtual hour, and they are also available to rewatch later if missed. Because these are solely forestry-related, they help us feel closer to our forestry community across Canada, and it helps our team maintain meaningful professional development hours to meet their professional requirements without disrupting their busy field schedules.  The complimentary advertising is also a bonus!”


“The Faculty of Natural Resources Management is a long-standing corporate member of CIF-IFC. Students and staff benefit from activities and opportunities organized by the CIF-IFC. Our student team even won the Quiz Bowl at one of the last AGMs.”

Professor Dr. Brigitte Leblon

Dean and Professor of Remote Sensing, Faculty of Natural Resources Management, Lakehead University

“We have always (as long as I remember these 40 years!) have been a corporate member of CIF. As the first Forestry Faculty in Canada, and one still on the leading edge educating and training professional foresters, it would be impossible to imagine not supporting the initiatives and goals of CIF. From up-to-date national and regional forestry events, to application of research for the practicing forester, to key networks in the forestry world, our links to CIF and its fellow members are essential to our mission and align perfectly with those of CIF.”

Sandy Smith, PhD, FRES

Professor, Forest Health, Director, Forestry Programs, Director, Institute of Forestry & Conservation, University of Toronto

“Being a Corporate Member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry – Institut forestier du Canada has provided Collège Boréal with unique opportunities to engage with leading professionals, stay abreast of industry trends, and contribute to the sustainable development of Canada’s forests. It has provided Collège Boréal support in the delivery of our Forestry Technologist program by providing students and faculty access to various resources, programs, and knowledge exchange opportunities. Our involvement with CIF-IFC has not only strengthened our professional network but has also allowed us to contribute meaningfully to the sustainable forestry practices that are crucial for the health of our ecosystems and the prosperity of the communities we serve across Ontario. Collège Boréal has a dual mandate as not only a post-secondary institution, but also a vital community development organization. Forestry is an important economic driver for several of our communities, and our involvement with CIF-IFC helps us to fulfill our mandate.”

Daniel Leduc

Dean, School of the Environment and Natural Resources/School of Trades and Applied Technology , Collège Boréal

“GreenFirst Forest Products is very proud to be a CIF Sustaining Corporate Member. Our forest management personnel benefit from participation in educational initiatives such as science webinars and the CIF-SEEK research collaborative. The Free-To-Grow in Forestry initiative is an excellent forum to connect with colleagues across the country to share best practices in support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. National Forest Week raises public awareness about the multitude of benefits of Canadian forests.   Providing competency tools for forestry professionals and advancing forest education in schools enhances our work as forest managers. We appreciate the talents and dedication of CIF staff, whose innovative efforts support our forest stewardship values.”

GreenFirst Forest Products

CIF’s commitment to advancing forest practices and the wealth of knowledge the organization provides is greatly appreciated. Our membership with CIF has been invaluable for facilitating meaningful collaborations across the sector, and an opportunity to share and advance equity values. Silver Ring recognition for our program has been ​incredibly well received by our students. We look forward to continuing to work with CIF as a trusted partner in cultivating forest excellence both in Nova Scotia and across Canada.”

Leif Helmer

Program Director, NSCC Centre of Forest Innovation , Nova Scotia Community College

“The University of Winnipeg is pleased and honoured to be a Sustaining Corporate Member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry-Institut forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC). Our membership and the fact that our Forest Ecology and Forest Policy and Management programs are accredited by the CIF-IFC allows graduates of these programs to have the prestige associated with a nationally recognized forestry baccalaureate program. We have found that this gives students a competitive edge and the specialized skills needed to work in the forest industry and many associated professions. As well, accreditation means that graduates of our forestry programs receive Silver Rings from the CIF-IFC, which recognize that students are educated and trained in the complex interrelationships of forest ecosystems, water, fish, and wildlife, as well as the social, cultural, and economic aspects of forestry. There is no doubt that our affiliation with the CIF-IFC has helped us recruit and retain top students and connect them with employers in forestry and related professions.”

Alan Diduck

Professor, Department Chair, Environmental Studies and Sciences, University of Winnipeg