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What does the CIF-IFC do?

The Voice of Forest Practitioners

Founded in 1908, the Canadian Institute of Forestry / Institut forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC) is the oldest forest society in Canada representing a broad range of members through its 18 regional Sections located from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. The Institute is dedicated to providing national leadership in forestry and forest stewardship, promoting competency among forest practitioners, and fostering public awareness and education of Canadian and international forest and forestry issues.

Knowledge Exchange and Competency Training

Promoting an understanding of good forest stewardship through field tours, seminars, and workshops

– Advanced Silviculture Courses (Ontario Tree Marking Program)
Bridge Training Program for Foresters
Continuing Forestry Education Credits
– Other knowledge exchange events such as technical sessions, field tours, socials etc. hosted both regionally and nationally

Outreach and Education

Providing resources and programs for teachers, students, forest practitioners and the public

– Outreach Tours (i.e. Teachers’ Tour, Winter Students’ Field Tour)
Forest Education (i.e. Teaching Kits, Infographics)
Forest History
– Member Magazine

Flagship Programs and Initiatives
Forest Advocacy

Promoting forests as a valuable, renewable and sustainable resource.

– Press releases
– Blog posts
– Editorials
– Social media
– Information bulletins
– Other multimedia products and “Speaking Out” pieces

Forests without Borders

Forests without Borders is a registered charity established by the CIF-IFC, working to protect, conserve and restore or improve forest landscapes for health, security, the economy and the environment nationally and internationally.

Why become a member?

A membership with the CIF-IFC means that you are part of a national network of forest practitioners that advocate for forests and all those who work in and with forests, at the regional, national and international level. The Institute’s interdisciplinary membership and regional presence from coast to coast offers the scientific expertise needed to ensure Canada’s forests are vibrant, healthy and sustainable.

As a member you become an important part of an organization dedicated to supporting sustainable forestry and beyond, while taking strides to make a difference. Through your membership, you will have access to unique and meaningful opportunities for networking and enhancing your career and personal goals, as well as staying up to date on forest/forestry news and information. Become a member of a long-standing forestry institution dedicated to the sustainability of the wide range of goods and services that forests provide!

Member Values and Benefits

A membership allows you to be part of a community of like-minded individuals
who are passionate about forests and the environment.


E-Newsletter & Magazine

Workshops, Seminars & Tours

National Conference & AGM


Meaningful Engagement

Personal & Professional Growth

CIF-IFC Credit Card

National E-Lecture Series

Access to 40 live electronic lectures (e-lectures) per year, plus archives back to 2007, covering timely forest-related topics with experts from across the country, and abroad.

E-Newsletter and Magazine

Stay up-to-date on news from the Institute, member resources, the latest in the forests/forestry field, and more through the quarterly e-newsletter and bi-annual member magazine, The Leader.

Workshops, Seminars & Field Tours

Special access to knowledge exchange events held each year by CIF-IFC and/or its 18 Sections across Canada. These events incorporate a variety of perspectives from collaborating organizations and showcase the latest in innovation, science and research.

National Conference & AGM

Networking opportunity plus reduced rates and discounts for members.


Grow your network at a regional, national and international level by connecting with the CIF-IFC’s community of over 1,200 forest practitioners and partners. The CIF-IFC has a national reach unlike any other forestry organization in the country, while also allowing you access to a local network and community through your regional Section. Find camaraderie and friendship through the various socials and events hosted by your regional Section.


Opportunities for Meaningful Engagement

Make a real impact on forest sustainability locally, provincially, nationally and abroad by becoming involved with the CIF-IFC and its many programs and initiatives. You have the opportunity to provide input and feedback and voice concerns or opinions in such areas as forest advocacy, National Forest Week, CIF-IFC membership, CIF-IFC National Awards, policy and governance, finance and The Forestry Chronicle. The CIF-IFC is national in scope and perspective, but has the opportunity to act regionally through our 18 Sections. In addition, the CIF-IFC has a broad international network and an active international Section. The variety and scope of opportunities available ensures you will find something to suit your experience and interests.

Personal & Professional Growth

Expand your career opportunities, enhance collaborations, and achieve your professional and personal goals through the CIF-IFC’s various continuing educational and social opportunities, while taking part in something bigger.




CIF-IFC Credit Card

Support the programs and initiatives the CIF-IFC offers as the national coordination point and catalyst for action in forestry with every purchase using the BMO CIF-IFC Mastercard at no extra cost to you.







How are we leading the way
with forward thinking in 2022?

Making transformational change through Free to Grow in Forestry

Advancing a proposal to create the first national view in real time of urban forestry in Canada by enabling access to standardize urban forestry data across Canada and inform targeted actions and responses

Supporting teacher tours across Canada and bolstering existing teaching kits on a diversity of topics

Expanding recognition and outreach of National Forest Week across Canada

Strengthening international opportunities for youth through the Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award

Continuing to publish new issues on relevant and current science in The Forestry Chronicle – a professional and scientific forestry journal, since 1925

What current members are saying

“The CIF-IFC has always felt like a family to me. A family that can always be there for you. I first met some CIF-IFC members when I was a university student. Then when I started my career in northern Saskatchewan, I joined the section and immediately had new connections. As I bounced from opportunity to opportunity in Ontario, then Saskatchewan, then to Alberta and now back to Manitoba there was always a CIF Section to connect with and members willing to help me get on my feet. I now have colleagues in every province, and many have become lifelong friends.”

Brad Epp

President; Manitoba Section

“Thanks to the CIF-IFC, I have been able to stay connected to students and those entering the profession, as well as the elders that were pioneers in adopting sustainable practices in Canadian forests. Throughout my career I have been supported by, and had opportunities to provide support to, my community of peers through the CIF-IFC.”

Doug Reid

Vice President; Northwestern Ontario Section

“My favourite part of being with the CIF-IFC is the network of people and camaraderie across the country; we are found coast-to-coast, across all forestry disciplines and adjacent fields. Knowing I can reach out to the body of knowledge contained within our membership allows me to be a better professional, and the lasting friendships I have developed enrich my personal life as well.”

Loni Pierce

2nd Vice President; Vancouver-South Coast Section

“I became a member of the CIF as a University of Alberta student with the Rocky Mountain section for the benefits of interaction between students and working professionals. After retirement joining the CIF-IFC National Executive Committee was a way of giving back to the profession and using my education, experiences and talents to help the CIF grow and develop to where it is today.”

Richard Dominy

Past President; Vancouver Island Section

Membership Types

Student Membership

For members who are currently registered as a full-time student or are a recent graduate within the last 2-years.

Active Membership

For members who are not considered students or retired.

Retired Membership

For members who are currently retired.


Membership Referral Program

Do you like FREE things? As membership is the foundation of the Institute, we are always looking to encourage new members to join our community of like-minded individuals. We are excited to finally introduce the new Membership Referral Program. This initiative invites current members to recommend the CIF-IFC to their colleagues/friends and encourage them to become a member. As a valued CIF-IFC member, you can be rewarded when your colleagues and friends also become CIF-IFC members!