Policy and Position

As the voice of forest practitioners, the Institute regularly provides input on the development of forest policy at the provincial and federal level.  The leadership, coordination and positioning, based in sound-science, has the potential to effect positive change in the forest sector.  Policy and position pieces are developed by policy ‘Think Tank’ committees, and approved by the National Executive.

Is there a topic in your local area that requires a national voice? Interested in being a part of a policy ‘Think Tank’?  Contact us..


Policy Papers


Date Document Download
September 2014 Review of Policies and Programs Supporting the Bioeconomy – Appendices (Produced by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) PDF
October 2003 Policy Paper on the Education of Forest Practitioners PDF
July 2003 Policy Paper on Forest-Based Communities PDF
April 2001 Guiding the Conduct of Members of the Canadian Institute of Forestry PDF
January 2001 Policy Paper on Forest Certification Systems PDF



Position Statements


Date Document Download
September 2004 Declining Forestry Enrolment: A concern for the forestry profession in Canada & the U.S. PDF
September 2004 Resource Inventory PDF
July 2003 Emulation of Natural Disturbance Patterns as a Model for Forest Management PDF
July 2003 Ecological Reserves PDF
May 2003 Information Paper – The Canada – United States Softwood Lumber Dispute PDF
December 2000 Integrated Pest Management in Forestry PDF
April 2000 Canadian Species at Risk PDF
June 1998 Public Participation in Decision-Making About Forests PDF
October 1997 Forests and Climate Change PDF
April 1997 Forests and Global Warming PDF



Technical Reports


Date Document Download
September 2011 Silvicultural Practices for Eastern White Cedar in Boreal Ontario PDF