2008 Award Recipients

Our national awards were presented September 8th, 2008 during an evening banquet at the Delta Fredericton Hotel. President Fred Pinto moderated the event, with close to 200 members, friends and family in attendance. Following are excerpts from President Pinto’s speeches.




2008 Recipient is Mr. Dal Hall of Nepean, Ontario – Ottawa Valley Section

The Canadian Forestry Achievement Award was established in 1967 to recognize unique and outstanding forestry achievement by individuals and to encourage excellence in the forest profession. The 2008 recipient is Mr. Dal Hall of Nepean, Ontario and the Ottawa Valley Section. The group that nominated Dal describe his tremendous enthusiasm and dedication to promoting forestry. For many years he managed the Canadian Forestry Association and was very much a part of the team that was responsible for the wonderful forestry educational materials that have been made available to the school children across Canada. He has been a member of the CIF/IFC for 60 years – Since 1948 when the Institute was known as the Canadian Society of Forest Engineers. This uninterrupted membership demonstrates Dal’s true commitment and passion to the forest profession and to continuing education and professional development. Letters of support for his nomination describe Dal as young at heart, with an ever-present sparkle in his eyes, especially when discussing forestry. He is also described as a great mentor, and as being personally responsible for instilling a lasting pride and dedication for forestry in his friends, colleagues and peers. Dal is described as having a profound respect for the professionals working in the forest, and with a strong and ever-present desire to help forest practitioners, especially woodlot owners, to become even better equipped as stewards of their forest. He is known for his willingness to share knowledge and information, and exchange very openly and frankly on a wide variety of topics of interest to all. His many friends and colleagues still consult Dal, who is known to always provide thoughtful and wise advice on topics relating to forestry. Directly and indirectly, through his work and his personal commitment, Dal has opened the eyes and hearts of many to the forest, its importance and its beauty.


Created in 1980, the Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement award recognizes unique and outstanding achievement in forestry research in Canada. Its objective is to encourage excellence in forest research. There are two recipients in 2008: Dr. Vic Timmer of the Univeristy of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry and member of the Institute’s Central Ontario Section and Dr. David MacLean of the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, and a member of the Maritime Section.


Dr. Timmer of the Southern Ontario Section

Dr. Vic Timmer – Known nationally and internationally for developing innovative techniques for monitoring and manipulating the nutritional status of forest stands and tree seedlings, Vic’s science has had a consistently well-defined practical objective: to provide information and tools that practitioners and forest managers can use to improve forest management. Vic has worked closely with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and nursery operators to improve the success of forest regeneration in Ontario and Quebec. He has been described as “instrumental to the nursery program in Ontario.” The Techniques developed by Vic has been applied around the globe to monitor forest nutrient status and improve productivity, reforestation, and afforestation. Vic has 72 peer-reviewed scientific publications, continuous NSERC funding as well as service on undergraduate students with respect to the profound importance of soils in forest and land management. Vic has successfully supervised 30 graduate students, many of whom have gone on to make their own contributions to science and forestry in more than a dozen countries. He has been a champion for both the science and practice of forestry, and a model educator throughout his career. He has trained, motivated, encouraged, supported and promoted many junior colleague along the way.


Dr. David MacLean of the Maritime Section with President Fred Pinto

Dr. Dave MacLean – Throughout his career with the Canadian Forest Service and the University of New Brunswick, Dave has been highly productive forest research scientist, authoring or co-authoring over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and an even greater number of technical papers and abstracts. He is well known for his leadership skills, and his willingness to take on leading edge projects that are productive and relevant, ultimately addressing key needs of the forest sector. His work in measuring the impacts of spruce budworm outbreaks on growth and yield, as well as developing models that predict the impacts of disturbances on forest productivity, are two excellent examples of many that could be cited. Since becoming Dean, he has continued to show great innovation and leadership. He was instrumental in implementing progressive and major changes that have helped to reverse the decline in enrolment in the undergraduate program and in promoting significant growth to the graduate student program as well. The research capabilities and capacity of the faculty have also increased under Dave, with the establishment of several research chairs and institutes. Dave has been instrumental in bringing about highly productive collaborative research partnerships between the faculty and likeminded organizations. He is a dedicated CIF/IFC member, a member of the Maritime Section Council, and an organizer and co-chair of the Institute’s 2008 conference.



Mr. Trevor Wakelin of Millar Western accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Through the Canadian Forest Management Group Achievement Award, the Institute recognizes unique and outstanding achievement in forest management by a group or organization. The award was established in 1998, and exists to recognize teams or groups of natural resources managers, researchers, or non-government organizations in the field for forest resources-related activity in Canada. This year recipient is Millar Western Forest Products of Whitecourt, Alberta. Millar Western has demonstrated commitment to sustainable forest management and to building adaptive capacity through innovation, especially in its detailed forest management planning activity at its Whitecourt operation. Although many firms in Canada are involved in sustainable forest and adaptive management programs through various forms of licensed arrangements on public lands, few have developed programs to the level of sophistication and innovation see at Millar Western. The company has consistently shown:

– Strong corporate leadership that champions innovation and risk taking in a financially responsible fashion

– Retention of highly qualified personnel and embedding them directly in the management process

– Public/private funding partnership

Millar Western professionals are known to have great respect for the application of sound forest science. They have demonstrated their understanding that long-term forest-management planning is challenged by many uncertainties, and they know that the scientific community has much to offer by way of reducing those uncertainties in ways that fits into the planning enterprise. The company was willing to accept responsibility for managing several non-timber values – notably biodiversity – on its licensed forest area.

Millar Western reached into the academic research community for expertise in non-timber-value modeling. The company actually brought researchers directly into the planning process. This risk-taking in promoting a sound scientific foundation for forest management, along with the substantial investments this required, demonstrates exemplary behaviour on the part of the company. Millar Western encourages its forest professionals to be members of the Institute by allowing them to expense CIF/IFC dues. Their recent investment in a special issue of the Forestry Chronicle in May/June demonstrates their tremendous pride and commitment to what they do. Mr. Trevor Wakelin of Millar Western accepted the award on behalf of the company.



Mr. Garry Brooks recipient of the international Forestry Achievement Award.

Established in 1988, the Institute’s Forest Achievement Award is intended to recognize unique and outstanding contributions or achievements in international forestry. The award recognizes that Canada is a world leader in the practice of forestry and appreciates the actions of individuals who have shared this leadership with other nations. It can also be recognize the actions of individuals to bring nations together to better forestry practices globally. The award has the objective of encouraging excellence and cooperation in international forestry. This year’s recipient is Mr. Garry Brooks of Vancouver, British Columbia. Garry is retired businessman, an international member of the Institute, and self-funded volunteer working for communities and traditional leaders in Zambia and now expanding into Mozambique. He is true citizen of Zambia and with Aboriginal communities in Canada. His projects help promote the sustainable and wise use of natural resources, and strive to improve the living conditions and health of people in tangible ways. Garry’s altruistic work in the Petauke Community Forest in Zambia has been featured in several issues of the Institute’s e-newsletter. Other projects that he has initiated and seen through include the rebuilding of a bridge in Chilambila outside Lusaka, rebuilding cattle dips in Kafue District, helping Mileka Community School expand, building a girls’ dormitory at Nysena School outside Petauke, and with the Malundu Community Forests. As the Institute moves forward to develop its “Forests without Borders” Program, members like Garry, who brings energy, enthusiasm and experience to international forestry, natural resources and community improvement will be key to its success.



Peggy Smith accepts the J. Micheal Waldrum Memorial Model Forest Fellowship award from Dr. David McLean on behalf of Tyson Williams.

In 2006, the Canadian Model Forest Network announced the establishment of the J. Micheal Waldram Memorial Model Forest Fellowship, to be offered as part of the suite of awards bestowed annually by the Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada. The Fellowship is open to all Canadians Aboriginal youth enrolled in at least their second year in either a degree or diploma program in natural resources management at a Canadian University or College.



Dr. Ron Ayling, recipient of the President’s Award, with President Fred Pinto.

The Presidential Award is presented to individuals who have provided outstanding service and commitment to the Canadian Institute of Forestry/Insitut forestier du Canada, and who exemplify a devotion to, and passion for the profession of forestry. This year’s recipient is Dr. Ron Ayling of Almonte, Ontario, and a member of the Ottawa Valley Section. Ron has been a member of the CIF/IFC for over 40 years. He has been both a council member and the chair of the Southern Ontario Section, and is currently editor-in-chief ofThe Forestry Chronicle, the Insitute’s professional journal, which has been published since 1925. Ron took over the role from Dr. Vidar Nordin in 2004. Since that time, he has effectively led his scientific and production team to update the Chronicle to make it more appealing to today’s forest practitioners and professionals. Ron’s skills are not limited to editing and he has his own very respectable publication and teaching record. He has been inspiring to young and older forest practitioners through his forestry teaching career at both the University of Toronto and Lakehead University. His positive impact on forest science and the forestry community in general is local, national and international in scope. He has worked extensively on international forestry projects as a senior program officer with Canada’s International Development Research Centre. He has used his network of international contacts to organize learning and travelling opportunities for Canadian foresters. One of Ron’s greatest assets and what sets him aside from many practitioners is his continued interest and enthusiasm in learning, developing, and sharing, all of which he delivers in an infectiously optimistic approach. Ron has worked tirelessly in support of the Institute for many years and his efforts are demonstrated no less than six times every year when a new issue of The Forestry Chronicle arrives at the homes and offices of members and Chronicle subscribers in Canada and around the world. Each issue is a labor of love for Ron (and Brian Haddon and Spike Minogue) and it shows. The quality of both the content and the design of the publication are world class and help to put forward an image of professionalism, knowledge and learning for our organization. Through Ron’s efforts, the institute has a magnificent vehicle that brings state-of-the-art forest science and information to practitioners in Canada and throughout the world. Beyond the quality and sheer volume of his work for CIF/IFC, Ron Ayling is a fun and caring individual who is great to work with and a joy to be around. Our Executive Director John Pineau has stated that Ron has been a tremendous friend, supporter and mentor for him personally and professionally during the past 2 years, and that his dedication to the Institute goes far beyond The Forestry Chronicle.



Vancouver Section Director Candace Parsons accepted the award on behalf of the Section.

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada is very a much a grass-roots level organization, but with a national network and focus. There are currently 18 Sections that span the country, and they are truly the foundation and strength of the organization. The Section of the Year Award recognizes outstanding involvement of members in the affairs of the Institute that can result in increased awareness of the importance of forestry in Canada. This year’s recipient has met these objectives through events, initiatives, activities and members recruitment that address the Institute’s strategic directions. The Vancouver Section has effectively and successfully encouraged future forest practitioners, worked to maintain professional and communications and outreach. Vancouver Section Director Candace Parsons accepted the award on behalf of the Section.


The Tree of Life Awards are nationally recognized but are selected by the Sections of the Institute. They are awarded to individuals who have made superior, dedicated or particularly effective contributions to sustainable forest resource management, forest renewal or sustained yield, and integrated management of the forest and its intrinsic resources. The following individuals have received Tree of Life Awards in 2008 from their Sections.

Peter Forsythe, Cariboo Section
Dr. Andrew Weaver, Vancouver Island Section
Dr. Werner Kurz, Vancouver Island Section
Kevin Ride, Northwestern Ontario Section
Ian Miller, Nova Scotia Section
Bruce Roberts, Newfoundland Labrador Section
Cherry Maxwell, former CIF/IFC employee
Susan Easterman, former CIF/IFC employee


The Institute recognizes those individuals who are celebrating 50 years of membership in 2008. Three members who have proudly reached this impressive milestone have been inducted into the Golden Year Club. Their dedication to the Institute is greatly appreciated:

John MacTavish, Ottawa Valley Section
Don Laishley, Vancouver Section
Larry Scales, Algonquin Section


Consistent with a core founding principle of the CIF/IFC, the member silver ring symbolically recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of forestry and the need to be truly inclusive of all forest practitioners. It serves as a recognition and symbol of a member’s commitment to sound forest stewardship and sustainability through CIF/IFC activities.

Two individuals were deemed eligible to receive the Institute’s new Member’s Silver Ring by their Sections in 2008. A third received his Technical Ring, as he graduated from a recognized school before the Institute included forest technical programs.

Al Stinson, Director of the Algonquin Section and a graduate of Fleming College received his Technical Silver Ring. Sylvie Carles, Orleans Section, received the Institute’s first ever Member’s Silver Ring. John Pineau of the Algonquin Section also received his Member’s Silver Ring.


John Pineau of the Algonquin Section also received his Member’s Silver Ring.


Al Stinson, Director of the Algonquin Section and a graduate of Flemming College receives his Technical Silver Ring.





Volunteers are the backbone of the CIF/IFC. Since 1908, volunteers have played a special role in the growth of the Institute, sharing their time, energy and expertise. Volunteers are absolutely vital in fulfilling the CIF/IFC mission. From office work and fundraising to sharing resources, our volunteers are a part of the CIF/IFC family. Sections have recognized the following for 2008:

Vancouver Island: David Carson; Brian Titus; Jeff Monty; Annette Van Niejenhuis; John Harris
Vancouver: Gordon Weetman; Gerry Burch; John McLean; Alan Furniss; Valerie LeMay; David Lloyd 
Saskatchewan: John Thompson; Andrea Atkinson; Michael Newma; John Daisley; Deb Weedon; Dave Lindenas
Algonquin: Margaret Penner; Christopher Yeatman