2012 Award Recipients

The Canadian Institute of Forestry – Institut forestier du Canada 2012 National Awards Banquet took place on Wednesday, September 19th in Québec City at a gala banquet at Hôtel Loews Le Concorde. Mr. Mark Kube, President of the Institute, was the moderator of this long-running annual tradition.



The Canadian Forestry Achievement Award was established in 1967. The intent of the award is to recognize unique and outstanding forestry achievement by individuals in Canada. It is the Institute’s objective that it encourages excellence in the forestry profession. The 2012 recipient was Mr. Bruno Bouletof Québec City, Québec.

Alors qu’il œuvrait à la Direction de la conservation des forêts du ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec, M. Boulet s’est distingué dans le domaine de la pathologie forestière et fut l’auteur de plusieurs ouvrages d’importance. Son livre, « Les champignons des arbres de l’Est de l’Amérique du Nord », a demandé 10 ans de recherche et permet de faire le lien entre la partie visible des champignons et leur impact sur la vigueur, la croissance et la qualité du bois. Il a aussi servi à établir les nouvelles normes de martelage au Québec qui ont grandement influencé les pratiques de terrain et contribue à garantir un aménagement durable des forêts sur les terres du domaine public. Son plus récent livre, « Les fondements biologiques de la sylviculture », est un ouvrage collectif qui devrait devenir la référence en matière d’insectes et maladies, et de moyens pour contrôler ou atténuer leurs effets sur les forêts.


Created in 1980, the Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement Award recognizes unique and outstanding achievement in forestry research in Canada. The 2012 recipient was Dr. Brian Titus of Victoria, British Columbia.

Dr. Titus has dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to research into human impacts on forest ecosystem sustainability, including themes such as fertilization and tree nutrition, non-timber forest products, and the sustainability of increased biomass harvest for bioenergy production. His research has contributed to a number of important policies and initiatives in Canada, the US, and Europe. Brian has shown considerable leadership and talent for bringing people together. His energy and efforts in facilitating collaboration between different researchers and stakeholders – from federal and provincial governments, academia and industry continues to promote the flow of information between domains of expertise, between agencies, and between provinces. This collaboration and co-operation is allowing fundamental scientific questions to be studied and answered, practical tools to be developed and the concerns of many citizens to be addressed.


The Institute recognizes that there are many individuals involved in forestry across Canada who are making outstanding contributions early in their careers. This award is in honour of James Kitz, a member of the Institute and the College of Alberta Professional Foresters, who passed away at the early age of 36. The award recognizes individuals who make significant, unique, and outstanding contributions in the field of forestry early in their career. It has the objective of encouraging excellence in the forestry profession. The 2012 recipient was Dr. Évelyne Thiffault of Québec City, Québec.

La docteure Thiffault a fait ses études à l’Université Laval et occupe présentement le poste de chercheure au Service canadien des forêts. Elle se spécialise dans la durabilité environnementale de l’aménagement forestier à des fins de bioénergie – notamment à la fertilité du sol et à la productivité forestière sur plusieurs révolutions successives. Ses recherches exceptionnelles et de portée mondiale ont grandement aidé à faire avancer le domaine de la bioénergie et l’International Energy Agency a tenu à rendre hommage à son travail. La docteure Thiffault compte 12 publications scientifiques à son actif, auxquels s’ajoutent de nombreux rapports techniques. Elle a pris part de plus à plusieurs conférences, congrès et forums scientifiques. Malgré son jeune âge, elle fait figure de leader mondial en recherche sur la durabilité des forêts.


The Institute recognizes unique and outstanding achievement in forest management by a group or organization through the Canadian Forest Management Group Achievement Award, which was established in 1998. This award recognizes outstanding achievement by teams or groups of natural resource managers, researchers, or non-government-organizations in the field of forest resource related activity in Canada. The 2012 recipient was the Algonquin Forestry Authority, based in Huntsville, Ontario.

The Algonquin Forestry Authority (AFA) is responsible for sustainable forest management in Algonquin Provincial Park. The AFA inherited a forest with a history of high-grading and unsustainable logging practices, but has turned these practices around to achieve the highest standards of sustainable forest management. They take a completely integrated approach to resource management, which ensures the viability of the local forest industry whilst also protecting the rich diversity of species and vegetation types found within the park`s ecosystems, as well as conserving wildlife habitat, soil and water resources, aesthetics and recreation values and social sustainability. The AFA supports the local forest industry by managing and upgrading the quality of the forest and utilizing its range of products. The wood supply from Algonquin Park supports mills in communities surrounding the park and is the backbone of the local economy.


Established in 1988, the Institute’s International Forestry Achievement Award is intended to recognize unique and outstanding contributions or achievements in international forestry. The award recognizes that Canada is a world leader in the practice of forestry and appreciates the actions of individuals who have shared this leadership with other nations. It can also recognize the actions of an individual to bring nations together to better forestry practices globally. The 2012 recipient was Mr. Fred Pinto of North Bay, Ontario.

Mr. Pinto is a Registered Professional Forester in Ontario and has been a member of the Institute for over 30 years, serving as our President in 2008. He works for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources where he is a specialist in conifer ecosystems and plays an important role in developing and implanting old-growth regeneration and resource planning policy. Fred has made an outstanding contribution to international forestry. He is the current chair of the board of trustees of Forests without Borders, and it was his vision that led the initiative to create the charity several years ago. Forests without Borders is dedicated to helping communities throughout the world to restore forest ecosystems and achieve sustainability. Ongoing projects include Trees for Hope in Zambia, afforestation projects in Haiti and a new community forest project in Nepal. Fred is also active with the Institute`s activities in China. In recognition of these efforts, Fred was shortlisted for the 2011 United Nations Forest Hero Award, which honours people working to sustain, protect, and manage forests all over the world.


In 2006, the Canadian Model Forest Network announced the establishment of the J. Michael Waldram Memorial Model Forest Fellowship, to be offered as part of our suite of awards bestowed annually by the Canadian Institute of Forestry. The Fellowship is open to all Canadian Aboriginal youth enrolled in at least their second year in either a degree or diploma program in natural resource management at a Canadian University or College. The 2012 recipient was Ms. Mika Carriere of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Ms. Carriere is working to attain her Bachelor’s degree in northern studies and aims to complete her master’s degree in Northern Governance Development. She also works for the Prince Albert Model Forest in Saskatchewan, where she has initiated and co-ordinated several projects that provide training to local youths. She has demonstrated her passion and commitment to northern communities by collaborating with and volunteering for community development initiatives. Ms. Carriere is a mentor and role model to Aboriginal youth in her community, as well as to her own two sons, to whom she teaches natural resource use and responsibility.


The Presidential Award is presented to individuals who have provided outstanding service and commitment to the Canadian Institute of Forestry, and who exemplify a devotion to, and passion for the profession. The 2012 recipient was Mr. Brian Haddon of Kanata, Ontario.

Mr. Haddon has been the Research Editor of The Forestry Chronicle since January 1998. He has been a major influence in the smooth transition from a paper-based to a fully electronic filing system for the submission, evaluation and management of both professional and technical papers. Brian recently spear-headed the revision of guidelines for the writing and submission of articles to The Chronicle. He also developed a set of guidelines for the production of theme issues of The Forestry Chronicle, which are becoming increasingly popular, providing a focus on a specific topic through a number of papers. The Forestry Chronicle is a highly regarded and respected national and international journal thanks in part to Brian`s efforts. The Chronicle includes informative articles and editorials, news from Sections, universities and colleges, as well as professional and technical literature. The Chronicle has always been a significant and positive factor in the life of the Institute, and today still retains an important position. The Chronicle is very much what it is today because of Brian’s hard work and devotion to improving the quality and impact of the journal, and his on-going efforts to maintain its relevance and vibrancy.


The Canadian Institute of Forestry is very a much a grass-roots organization; but with a national network and focus. There are currently 18 sections that span the country, and they are truly the foundation and strength of our organization. Our Section of the Year award recognizes outstanding involvement of a specific Section in the affairs of the Institute. As always, it was a very difficult decision as to which Section was most deserving of this award. The recipient for 2012 hosted and co-hosted several events for students, forestry professionals, and the general public. The section also submitted many articles and reports on a regular basis for The Forestry Chronicle. Finally, the members have greatly supported the planning, coordination and implementation of 2012 AGM and Conference in Québec City, Québec. The 2012 recipient of the Section of the Year Award was theOrleans Section!


Sir William Schlich, who was born in 1840, was a German forester who became Inspector General of Forests to the Government of India. He also founded the School of Forestry at Oxford in 1905, and was knighted in 1909 for his many achievements. He passed-away in 1925 and the Oxford Forestry School sponsored a campaign to create a fitting memorial – the Schlich Memorial Fund. The trust itself was established in 1929, initiating the recognition of outstanding contributions to forestry in a number of countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada. One of the first recipients was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who went on to become the 32nd President of the U.S. Another was Gifford Pinchot, the first Chief of the US Forest Service. With the reintroduction of the Schlich Award in Canada, the Institute plans to recognize an outstanding forestry student annually. The recipient of the 2012 Schlich Medal was Ms. Annabelle Moisant-De-Serre.

Mme Moisant-De-Serre est une étudiante très active à l’Université Laval. Elle a su maintenir des résultats scolaires très élevés tout en s’impliquant à fond dans des activités parascolaires bénévoles au sein comme à l’extérieur de la communauté étudiante. Elle s’intéresse également aux études internationales et voyage dans le cadre de ses activités scolaires.



The Tree of Life Awards are nationally recognized, but are selected by the Sections of the Institute. They are awarded to individuals who have made superior, dedicated or particularly effective contributions to sustainable forest resource management, forest renewal or sustained yield, and integrated management of the forest and its intrinsic resources. This year’s recipients were:


Trevor Wakelin, Rocky Mountain Section
Maurice Lalonde, Section Orléans
Rudolph Hanusiak, Maritimes Section
Gerrit van Raalte, Maritimes Section
Hap Oldham, Maritimes Section
John Richards, Maritimes Section
Murray Neilson, Maritimes Section 


During every annual Awards Banquet, the Institute recognizes those individuals who are celebrating 50 years of membership in the Institute, and induct these members into the Golden Year Club. There were eight members who proudly reached this impressive milestone in 2012:


Frank Buchik, Northwestern Ontario
Jack P. G. de Lestard, Vancouver Island
Donald Dickson, Lake of the Woods
Robert H. Lamont, Manitoba
Ian K. Morrison, Central Ontario
Robert M. Newnham, Ottawa Valley
Robert E. Stevenson, Rocky Mountain Section
George von Westarp, Vancouver Island