2018 Award Recipients

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada National Awards Banquet took place on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, in Grande Prairie, Alberta during the 110th Annual General Meeting and 2018 National Conference. Colin Carroll, President of CIF/IFC, was the moderator of this long-running annual tradition.



The Canadian Forestry Achievement Award was established in 1967. The intent of the award is to recognize unique and outstanding forestry achievement by individuals in Canada. It is the Institute’s objective that it encourages excellence in the forestry profession.

  • The 2018 recipient was Ken Day of the Vancouver Section.

Ken was the founding manager of UBC’s Alex Fraser Research Forest in Williams Lake, BC and has overseen its growth into one of the premier research locations for understanding the forests of the inter-montane zone of BC. He taught countless students in UBC’s Fall and Spring Camps and mentored a huge number of research students. Ken has been heavily involved with the establishment of the Williams Lake Community Forest, a pioneering partnership between the Williams Lake Indian Band and the City of Williams Lake.  He is also well-known for his work on advising communities about the risk of wildfire and how they could go about fire-proofing their communities.


The Institute recognizes individuals who have made innovative and outstanding achievements in forestry research in Canada. Recognition can be for developing new practices, processes, or techniques, or for demonstrating the practical applications of research in forestry. This award has the objective of encouraging innovation, exploration, application and excellence in forest research.

  • The 2018 recipient was Dr. Mike Flannigan of the Rocky Mountain Section.

Mike is a Professor of Wildland Fire with the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta and the director of the Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science (currently a three-way partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources Canada and the University of Alberta). Dr. Flannigan’s primary research interests include fire and weather/climate interactions including the potential impact of climatic change, lightning-ignited forest fires and landscape fire modelling. His research has had a profound impact on our ability to predict and manage wildfire and adapt to future changes in wildfire. Through this work he has made an outstanding contribution to the sustainability of our forest resources.


The Institute recognizes unique and outstanding achievement in forest management by a group or organization through the Canadian Forest Management Group Achievement Award, which was established in 1998.

  • The 2018 recipient was Strategic Natural Resource Consultants.

Strategic Natural Resource Consultants is one of the most highly regarded natural resource consulting firms on the West Coast. Strategic has adopted one of the most innovative and resourceful models in problem solving that can be seen in their technical expertise, project management and planning. This belief in resourceful thinking carries into their implementation as well. Strategic employs dynamic on-the-ground professionals across BC. Their personnel are industry leaders in resource and land management, professional forestry, construction support services, environmental science, geomatics, and remote site project development.


The Schlich Memorial Prize is awarded annually at the CIF-IFC Awards Banquet. It is awarded to an outstanding student chosen by the university and technical school(s) represented by the Section(s) hosting the annual meeting.

The Schlich Memorial Prize is named, after Sir William Schlich, who was born in 1840 and was a German forester who became Inspector General of Forests to the Government of India. He also founded the School of Forestry at Oxford in 1905, and was knighted in 1909 for his many achievements.

  • The 2018 recipient was Gillian Stauffer of the Rocky Mountain Section.

Gillian Stauffer is an academically strong student, a leader, and engaged within the profession and practice of forestry at the academic program level, the faculty level and as a student.  Gillian is a proud member of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Canadian Institute of Forestry and currently serves as the UofA student representative on the CIF AGM and Conference Planning Committee.


Established in 2014, this award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding young forest professional in Canada, and encourages involvement in and dedication to the principles of sustainable forest management, science-based land stewardship, and public outreach focusing on the wise use and conservation of forests and the ecosystems that they encompass.

  • The 2018 recipient was Christine Taylor of the Cariboo Section.

Christine fully captures the intent of the Prince of Wales award for Sustainable Forestry in every aspect. She is a new generational leader in the age of sustainable forest management. Since starting at the Natural Resources and Environmental Technology program at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, she has converted a strong environmental concern into a strong forest conservation ethic, and demonstrated a commitment to sustainable forest management. Not only is she a developing leader in the CIF, she is a mentor to colleagues, a young mom with a growing family and is a rising star in the forest company she works for.


Now in its fourth year, the Award program is fully endorsed by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales – a UK-Canada partnership between The Prince of Wales’ Duchy of Cornwall, the Institute of Chartered Foresters in the UK, and CIF-IFC in Canada, sponsored by The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation. The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award helps foster future forest leaders by recognizing young professionals with a passion for forestry and natural resources management.

In 2018, four top students – two from Canada and two from the United Kingdom – were selected as the recipients of this award.

  • Daniel Root from the University of Toronto and Erin Pearson from College of the North Atlantic were selected among talented competition as the Canadian recipients; and
  • Tom Haynes and Michael Wilson from the University of Cumbria, were selected among top United Kingdom applicants.


A member or ex-member who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of forestry or to the Institute, may be elected a Fellow of the Institute by not fewer than two thirds of the votes cast at the meeting of the Board of Directors. (By-law 3.1.1.).

  • The 2018 recipient elected as a Fellow of the Institute was Dr. Peter Murphy of the Rocky Mountain Section.


The Tree of Life Awards are nationally recognized, but are selected by the Sections of the Institute. They are awarded to individuals who have made superior, dedicated or particularly effective contributions to sustainable forest resource management, forest renewal or sustained yield, and integrated management of the forest and its intrinsic resources.

2018 Recipients:

  • Guylaine Thauvette, Algonquin Section
  • Bruce Mayer, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Milo Mihajlovich, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Wayne Kelly, Newfoundland and Labrador Section


During every annual Awards Banquet, the Institute recognizes those individuals who are celebrating 50 years of membership in the Institute!

2018 Recipients:

  • Keith McClain, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Marie Rauter, Southern Ontario Section
  • Peter Hall, Nova Scotia Section


Since 1908, volunteers have played a special role in the growth of the Institute, sharing their time, energy and expertise through activities such as office work, field work, fundraising, knowledge exchange and resource sharing. This award recognizes outstanding volunteers for their efforts and dedication.

2018 Recipients:

  • Dan Wilkinson, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Jeff Renton, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Vic Lieffers, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Marty O’Byrne, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Dieter Kuhnke, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Fran Hanington, Rocky Mountain Section
  • JP Bielech, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Julie Steinke, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Nathan Lauer, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Nicholas Dormaar, Cariboo Section
  • Gary Vander Wyst, SAF-CIF liaison


The Canadian Institute of Forestry is very much a grass-roots organization; but with a national network and focus. We currently have 19 sections that span the country, and an active International Section.  Our Sections are truly the foundation and strength of our organization. The Section of the Year Award recognizes outstanding activity, involvement and support of the Institute as a whole.

  • The 2018 recipient was the Lake of the Woods Section.